Front Differential

Is the front differential on your Honda Pioneer leaky, squeaky, and needing to be replaced? Is something wrong with your torque locker, or did you get water in the front differential after sticking your rig waist-deep in a mud hole? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got the front differentials for your Honda Pioneer to set you and your ride straight. Some issues can stem from improper maintenance and low, inferior, or nonexistent differential lube. Royal purple 85-140 and Mobil1 both make good Honda Pioneer front differential fluids. Use the HYPOID gear oil type with a viscosity of SAE 80 for a Honda 700, or SEA 80-90 for the Pioneer 1000. And whatever you do, make sure not to use oils labeled as energy conserving. But even if you run the right differential fluid and have a fully-functional front differential, you won’t regret adding a torque locker to your differential if you like playing in the snow or mud. Be it a Honda Pioneer 1000 limited-slip front differential, a fully open differential for the Honda Pioneer 500, or a locker front differential for the Honda Pioneer 700, at Everything Honda Offroad, our OEM and aftermarket front differential options leave nothing out.

Input seals on differentials can wear out, differential shafts can crack, and things like differential bearings and the differential housing assemblies can go bad. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got the Honda Pioneer front differential replacements to get your machine back up and ready to rock. We have OEM front differentials for those looking to keep a preemptive replacement at hand in the event of an off-road breakdown, as well as beefed-up aftermarket Honda Pioneer front differentials for those who need a little more durability in their differential. Disappointment and buyer's remorse are a thing of the past. If you’re wondering where to turn for the best Honda Pioneer front differentials, Everything Honda Pioneer is the place to go.

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