It doesn’t matter if you use your Honda Pioneer as a work vehicle or a joy-riding toy machine, you can always benefit from running a hitch on your rig. And for the best UTV trailer hitches and frame supports, Pioneer owners know where to turn. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we offer a variety of hitches, hitch supports, and other hitch-related accessories. Honda Pioneer front receiver hitches are the perfect anchor point to drag your buddy’s sorry butt Ranger out of any mud hole, while Honda Pioneer 2 inch receiver hitches can be installed in the rear of the machine to tow trailers and other UTV accessories. For those who use their Pioneers for farming, things like ploughs and disc harrows can be attached via a properly-fitting UTV trailer hitch. Pull empty wagons to the field when you’re bailing hay or drag feeding troughs and other equipment to and fro on the farm. With a Honda Pioneer Hitch on your side-by-side, your hauling and accessory options are greatly expanded.

A strong Honda Pioneer 3 point hitch is an option for those that need added strength. However standard 2 and 4 inch receiver hitches can also be reinforced so that you don’t bend a hitch when towing a heavy load. Hitch racks can be used on level ground, but if it’s mounted too low you’ll break it off on the first dip you encounter. Furthermore, when you have a loaded trailer going down hill and you have to hit the brakes, this is also where hitches start to twist. To keep hitches up and away from the ground, many Honda Pioneer bumpers come with built in hitch receivers. But regardless of what size or style of hitch you’re after, we’ve got not only hitches for the Honda Pioneer, but also all the hitch-related accessories required for a strong and functional Honda Pioneer receiver hitch system.