Front Honda Pioneer drive shafts, rear Honda Pioneer drive shafts, drive shaft carrier bearings, drive shaft boots, and much more! Whatever you’re looking for related to Honda Pioneer drive shafts, we’re sure to have it. If you’ve bent or damaged your stock drive shaft, we’ve got options for OEM replacement Honda Pioneer drive shafts. If you want to beef up your driveline with burlier components, a strengthened aftermarket Honda Pioneer drive shaft is exactly what you need. Be it a leaky drive shaft seal or a prop shaft that periodically becomes disengaged, our prop shafts and prop shaft components are sure to remedy whatever prop shaft issues you’re having. From shaky and rattly Honda Pioneer propeller shafts that can be adjusted and rectified, to sheered prop shafts that need need to be replaced, we’ve got the simple-fix solutions as well as the hardcore modification options to bring your machine back to life and to the next level.

In some cases, issues might occur not in the drive shaft itself, but rather the drive shaft boots. Especially with the Honda Pioneer 1000, which has a shorter drive line with a bigger motor than it’s smaller-cc counterparts — strange sounds and rumbles often stem from damaged or dry prop shaft boots and joints. If you’re machine rattles when you bump the throttle or makes a terrible dragging sound whenever you hit the brake pedal, you might be able to solve the issue by getting a grease needle, going under the boot lips, and pumping the collars full of grease. In addition to un-greased drive shaft boots, drive shaft chatter can also be caused by slack in the splines. By adding a set screw to your prop shaft, you no longer have that slack, and therefore no longer have that annoying chatter. But whatever drive-shaft-related accessories you need for your Honda Pioneer, be it replacement CV boots or the drive shaft itself, Everything Honda Offroad has what you need to fix and / or upgrade your machine’s drive shaft.