Whether you’re wanting to run a secondary battery under the hood of your Honda Talon, or you’re investigating the use of a battery maintainer to avoid self-discharge when your machine sits unused over winter, with Honda Talon batteries and battery accessories from companies like Yusma and Moose, few UTV retailers come close to rivaling Everything Honda Offroad. You might have electricity-powered accessories such as front and rear light bars, a Pro Box roof stereo, rock lights, and whips on your Honda Talon and have never experienced any issues with a single battery setup. You might think that unless you’re going to run all of your accessories with the machine off for long periods of time, you don’t need a second battery. After all, you could have five batteries, but if you hook up all your UTV electronics directly to them with no switches, all five will become depleted nonetheless. But even with proper relays and switch systems to make sure your accessories are cut from power when not in use, running a dual battery setup in your Honda Talon is still beneficial — especially for winching applications. If you’re running a winch and the voltage drops below a certain threshold, the clutches in the winch will slip and become ruined. With an extra battery and a battery isolator, however, if the voltage in your primary battery dips too low, the secondary battery will kick in and take over.

In addition to dual battery systems for the Honda Talon, many riders like to carry Honda Talon chargers with them when they ride… just in case. If you’re camping and using your machine to party at night, or if you’re far from civilization and worried about your machine not starting, even the best batteries by Moose or Yusma might not ease your concerns. For situations like these, it’s comforting to know that you have a Honda Talon battery charger should something unforeseen unfold. But regardless of whether you want a dual battery system, or something like battery tenders and isolators to augment your UTV’s electric system, we’ve got all the best batteries and battery-related accessories at Everything Honda Offroad.

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