Under any riding scenario and over any type of terrain, aftermarket Honda Talon fender flares provide huge benefits. With Honda Talon fender extensions, there’ll be way less splash from your tires — be it mud, water, or wet clay — and you’ll end your ride with a much cleaner machine overall. Not only will Honda Talon fenders keep your machine looking mean and clean, but they’ll also keep you and your passengers much cleaner in the cabin. Juxtapose two Honda Talons after running the exact same trail (one with and one without Honda Talon fenders) and you’ll clearly see the effectiveness of Honda Talon front and rear fender flares. The inside and outside portions of the Honda Talon without fenders will be caked with mud, while the rig with fenders will be surprisingly mud free. There are several players in the Honda Talon fender business, but the top three are undoubtedly Mudbusters, RokBlokz and Bad Dawg. And while none of these firms make any molded over-fenders like the ones common on RZRs, they do make Honda Talon Fender extension and Honda Talon mud guards that are super easy to put on. Simply drill a few holes and install the plastic plugs and you’re good to go; it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes per side.

While you might be able to cut cheap rubber floor mats or big-rig mud flaps and place them on your machine as makeshift Honda Talon protectors, since you paid so much for the machine itself, why cheap out on the accessories? Be it inner rear fenders to close the gap between the tire and your butt, or Honda Talon front fender flare replacements to block the mud thrown by your aggressive aftermarket tires, Everything Honda Offroad has the UTV fenders, fender extensions, and other fender-related accessories such as mounting hardware and plastic fender rivets. Don’t stress out if you cracked your stock fenders, and don’t waste time searching far and wide for aftermarket Honda Talon fenders. Spend less time cleaning your machine and more time ripping with a set of Honda Talon fenders from Everything Honda Offroad.

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