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Most Honda Talon riders are so focused on riding that they don’t pay any attention to their machine’s mileage. And while you’re sure to get limitless smiles per gallon in the Honda Talon, as far as fuel efficiency goes, you can expect to get between 100 and 140 miles out of a single tank. Results may vary, however, based on how aggressive you drive, the terrain you’re driving on, the accessories you’re running, and a handful of other factors. So regardless of if you’re on wooded trails or dirt back roads miles from the nearest gas station, bringing along extra fuel is always a good idea. That being said, we wouldn’t recommend using any old Honda Talon fuel pack. Due to the flammability of gasoline, most riders choose to go with tough fuel containers that are mountable and able to overcome the challenges of the trail. Rotopax gas cans and their respective mounts are a great way to bring along spare fuel during a ride. They offer various pack sizes — from one to four gallons — and their fuel packs are rotational molded using a unique three-layer design. Not only do they exceed EPA mandates, but they also comply with the stringent requirements of the California Research Board.

Like Rotopax, the Honda Talon fuel packs and external gas cans from Kolpin Outdoors are also safe, reliable, and easy to mount. Unlike standard gas cans, Kolpin fuel packs are designed for off-road use, and are made to fit their universal, frame-mounted, fuel pack brackets. Even though Kolpin gas cans and fuel transport containers are leak-proof, fixing them to your Honda Talon via brackets and utility gear rail systems provides an added element of safety. Because they are held firm with proper mounts, you know that they won’t tip over, slosh around, or fly out of your bed on steep inclines, bumpy trails, or rutted-out roads. Extend your rides, go further, and don’t be forced to end early because of fuel restrictions. With a Honda Talon fuel pack and mount from Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll be ready to go the distance no matter how deep you ride.