Did you rip a little too hard and damage the propeller shaft on your Honda Talon? Have you blown a prop shaft o-ring or busted a boot flange on your Talon’s Cardan shaft? Whatever the case may be, if the prop shaft connecting the gear box of your Honda Talon to its rear differential is broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged, Everything Honda Offroad is here with a solution. Not only do we have replacement OEM Honda Talon prop-shafts, but we also offer aftermarket prop shafts that are designed and manufactured to better suit specific driving styles and terrain conditions. Riders who run massive tires, for example, put added stress on the machine — and the prop shaft in particular. The clutches on the Honda Talon have safety mechanisms (such as limp mode, clutch temp warnings, etc.) to protect them from overexertion. The prop shafts, however, do not. For this reason, many mudders, racers, and dune drivers like to proactively upgrade their Honda Talon prop shafts to avoid potential issues in the future.

Whether it’s an issue with your Honda Talon’s prop-shaft joint or a bad front boot on the rear propeller shaft, Everything Honda Offroad has the prop shaft parts and components to fix any and all Honda Talon prop shaft problems. We have prop shaft components and hardware to repair minor issues, and complete Honda Talon propeller shaft assemblies to replace the entire prop shaft setup in your Honda side-by-side. Be it a propeller shaft spring, a propeller shaft guard, or any number of prop shaft parts / components, if you’re looking to fix the prop shaft on your Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad is the one-stop-shop with all the quick fixes and long term solutions. Don’t waste time with inferior prop-shaft components from sub-par UTV parts providers and get it right the first time with Everything Honda Offroad.