For a company whose first product was a lift kit, SuperATV has come a long way in producing high-quality ATV and UTV accessories for those who share in their passion for all things off-road. SuperATV was founded by Harold Hunt, a man who loved to ride along the creek and spend time on his ATV. He loved the sport so much, in fact, that he kitted out his garage to be both a warehouse and shipping center for his new-found enterprise. After designing his first product—the lift kit—he began to expand by improving tons of ATV and UTV aftermarket products. The company SuperATV was born.

Still family-owned and operated to this day, SuperATV supports those who think of ATV or UTV riding as a lifestyle, rather than a pastime. Made by people who understand the passion, for those who enjoy the same activities, SuperATV products are manufactured with a promise of durability, high quality, and dependability. SuperATV engineers oversee the entire product line process, from design and fabrication to optimization and testing. SuperATV tackles all terrains for all types of ATVs and UTVs, such as Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Arctic Cat, and more.

You’ll find tons of great products from SuperATV, like their LED windshield light stripes, nerf bars, and skid plates. Other great products include their bumpers, wheel spacers, ECU tuners, plows, roofs, A-arms and rearview mirrors. They also offer winch mounting plates, because anyone who’s serious about ATV-ing has a winch installed. While they don’t offer winches themselves, there are plenty options out there that are compatible with the mounting plates they sell.

SuperATV is truly a brand dedicated to the sport as much as any other ATV or UTV fan is. Experienced in the business and off the road, Harold Hunt’s future generations are keeping the dream alive by supporting their fellow riders in a sport that promotes the outdoors and healthy living. So, whether you like to hunt, hike, farm, ranch, race, or anything in between, SuperATV has an aftermarket accessory you’re sure to love. Check out their products today and you’ll soon see why.