A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

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Honda Pioneers are known for their impressive off-road capabilities, but even the most skilled drivers can encounter obstacles on the trail. A-Arms are a crucial component of the suspension system on a UTV, as they hold the wheels in place and allow for smooth movement over uneven terrain. Upgrading your Honda Pioneer's A-Arms and installing A-Arm guards can improve your UTV's durability and increase its performance.

Aftermarket A-Arms for Honda Pioneers are designed to be stronger and more durable than the factory parts. This is particularly important for those who like to push their UTV to the limits. Aftermarket A-Arms are typically made from high-grade materials such as chromoly steel, which is both lightweight and incredibly strong. This allows your UTV to handle more punishment from rocks, jumps, and other obstacles without breaking.

In addition to being stronger, aftermarket A-Arms for Honda Pioneers are often designed with a wider stance. This improves stability and handling, particularly in rough terrain. Wider A-Arms also provide more tire clearance, allowing you to install larger tires for even better off-road traction.

Another way to protect your Honda Pioneer's A-Arms is to install A-Arm guards. A-Arm guards are essentially metal plates that are bolted onto the A-Arms to shield them from impacts. These guards are typically made from thick aluminum or steel and can withstand significant abuse. A-Arm guards not only protect the A-Arms themselves but also the CV joints and tie-rod ends, which can be costly to repair or replace.

Installing aftermarket A-Arms and A-Arm guards on your Honda Pioneer is a relatively straightforward process. Most aftermarket A-Arms are designed to bolt directly onto the factory mounting points, so no modifications are needed. A-Arm guards are also designed to fit snugly onto the A-Arms, providing full coverage without interfering with the suspension.

When shopping for aftermarket A-Arms and A-Arm guards for your Honda Pioneer, be sure to choose a reputable brand and look for parts that are specifically designed for your model. Investing in quality upgrades can provide peace of mind on the trail and improve your UTV's overall performance and durability.