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Be it a Honda Pioneer 1000 air intake fix or a Honda Pioneer air intake upgrade for your Pioneer 700 / 500, don’t wait and pick up the replacement air intakes and intake accessories you desire from Everything Honda Offroad. In addition to Honda Pioneer air intake covers and intake cover upgrade kits, we also offer Honda Pioneer 700 air intakes, Honda Pioneer 500 air intakes, and Honda Pioneer 1000-5 air intakes to ensure that ample amounts of oxygen reaches your UTV’s engine!

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If you’ve got a deformed air intake in your Honda Pioneer 500, if you’re concerned about dust, water, or snow infiltrating the air intakes in your Honda Pioneer 1000, or if the single cylinder in your Honda Pioneer 700 is gasping for air when you’re riding up mountainous trails at high elevations, we’ve got the air intake solutions for you at Everything Honda Offroad! Some dust- and water-related issues regarding your Honda Pioneer air intakes can be solved by simply cleaning the lower air intake pipe. The easiest way to do this is to first unhook the lower air intake pipe from the air box so that the boot is exposed. Next, you simply open the hood and take the air intake cover off. Using a leaf blower, shop vac, or something similar, you can then blow the line out from the boot and hopefully remove any foreign material. 

To prevent unwanted objects and debris from entering your Honda Pioneer air intakes in the first place, accessories like particle separators and air intake snorkels are great. The former will clean the incoming air before it even reaches the air filter, while the latter relocates the inlet of the air intake higher up on the machine to make it harder for mud and water to make their way inside. Even if you don’t snorkel your bike to ride ponds, creeks, and other water hazards, extending your Honda Pioneer air intakes above the dust your bike kicks up will make the engine last longer. Add a Warrior Riser to the end cap of your intake with a waterproof screen and you’ll be ready for anything you encounter on the trail!

Although aftermarket air intake accessories for the Honda Pioneer are great, some riders are simply after replacement Honda Pioneer air intakes and air intake subcomponents like air intake pre filter covers and air intake plug assemblies. The air intake box, for example, can be defected or overtightened, which then allows water to bypass the band and get into the intake. Rather than sliding a 2” pipe coupler into your air intake for support and to make it watertight, you can instead get a replacement air intake box from Everything Honda Offroad! And on top of our Honda Pioneer air intakes for the Pioneer 700, Pioneer 500, and Pioneer 1000, we also offer both stock-style air filters as well as washable / reusable air filters and pre filters by companies like Uni and K&N. Our suspended particulate matter air filters (SPM air filters) for the Honda Pioneer not only block small solid particles, but also low vapor pressure liquid particles as well. 

Getting the right Honda Pioneer air intake upgrades or replacement parts is one thing, but installing them correctly is a completely different thing entirely. If you use a screwdriver to install a rubber coupling on the intake pipes and bend the plastic, it won’t seal completely and take on water. This will then accumulate at the lowest point of the intake piping, and may not even throw a check engine light from the sensor in the air filter housing. Although the air filter should still do its thing, you’ll still want to clean the intake manifolds on the motor if this happens to you -- just to be safe. Less major things like loose fittings around the air intake boot and over tightened bolts are also common, so if you don’t have a good relationship with your mechanic or dealer, it is prudent to check their work or do the work yourself to ensure that it gets done right!  

From Honda Pioneer 1000-5 factory air intakes to Honda Pioneer air intakes and air intake upgrades designed specifically for mud, dust, and other engine-killing conditions, don’t let a bad air intake slow you down. If you want to remove your chambered intake pipe meant to slow down air, so be it. Or if you want a cold air intake for better engine performance, it can be done. Whatever it is that you need, be it an upgraded air intake cover or miscellaneous Honda Pioneer air intake parts, you’ll find it all at steep discounts here at Everything Honda Offroad! And if you’re unable to find what you need in the air intake section at Everything Honda Offroad, chances are that it cannot be found elsewhere!

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