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From Honda Pioneer battery upgrades to Honda Pioneer battery tenders, battery isolators, and battery chargers, keep your rig’s electrical system running right with the proper Honda Pioneer battery accessories from Everything Honda Offroad. No matter if you want a Honda Pioneer battery box to relocate your machine’s stock battery, or an extra battery and busbar to power all your aftermarket accessories and electronics, we sell it all here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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Your UTV battery underpins your Pioneer’s electric system, which you rely on more than you might think. Whether you run a dual battery setup or are just looking to replace your old and worn out stock battery, don’t settle for anything less than the best for your Honda Pioneer batteries and battery chargers. Not only do many accessories draw power directly from your battery or battery-adjacent fuse block, but if your battery dies, your machine cannot start. A good Yusma or Moose battery is a good place to start, but things like Honda Pioneer chargers and dual battery systems ran synchronously with the help of battery isolators and split charge relays will augment and enhance any Honda Pioneer electric system. Winches, for example, are a huge battery drain, and can cause your Honda Pioneer battery to drop to the low 12V range. With an isolator and a second battery, however, your batteries can pull from each other depending on which needs charging at the time.

Gel UTV batteries are popular for the Honda Pioneer, as they don’t slosh around on rough terrain like typical lead-acid automotive batteries. The Odyssey PC680 battery is a good one that is built to withstand vibrational shock with a faster charge rate and longer life cycle than factory batteries. Deep cycle batteries can also be used in the Pioneer. Unlike other types of UTV batteries that discharge a large amount of energy at a quick rate, deep cycle batteries are more steady, providing a constant and consistent current over longer periods of time. Deep cycle batteries, however, are more than a tad bigger than stock batteries, and do take up more space. Voltage monitors are handy accessories to track how much charge your battery has, and battery tenders are perfect for machines that sit idle for long periods of time between use. The 3/4-amp Battery Tender Junior, for example, plugs into any AC outlet to prevent any Honda Pioneer battery from self discharging. And for trailside battery charging, portable UTV battery chargers are the only way to go!

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