If you’re hearing Honda Pioneer brake noises and the time has come for a Honda Pioneer brake change, you’ve made it to the right spot! Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we don’t just offer replacement Honda Pioneer brake pads, Honda Pioneer brake fluid, and Honda Pioneer brake calipers, but we also provide Honda side-by-side owners with parking brakes and aftermarket brakes for the Pioneer lineup by companies like Hillbilly Brake and Spring Brake Thingy!

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From Honda Pioneer brake pads and Honda Pioneer brake rotor replacements to aftermarket Honda Pioneer parking brakes, if you can name it, we’ve likely got it here at Everything Honda Offroad. Stock Honda Pioneer brake pads and factory-style Honda Pioneer brake pads are notorious for wearing down, but even the best Honda Pioneer brake pads will lose their bite over time -- which is where a place like Everything Honda Offroad comes into the picture. With amazingly durable brake kits, brake parts, and brake components at unbelievably low prices, there’s no better place to shop than Everything Honda Offroad. And because we’ve been in the UTV game for decades, we know a thing or two about what it takes to excel in the field.

Honda Pioneer sintered brake pads and semi-metal pads are generally smooth and quiet, which many UTV riders enjoy. Brass brake pads for the Honda Pioneer are also popular. If you find that your brakes are squeaking excessively, it’s usually because your brake pads are worn out and the low pad indicator is rubbing the rotor. Mud and sand can also cause brakes to squeak, and bad wheel bearings will occasionally make the wheels lean and rub against the brake rotor, which also emits an uncomfortable squeaking sound. Volar Motorsports makes good sintered brake pads, and Race Driven is another company that produces high-end Honda Pioneer brake pads. If you’re lucky, your brake pads will still have some meat left on them after a few thousand miles. However most people replace their Honda Pioneer brake pads anywhere from 300-800 miles. 

If you rebuild your brakes — your back brake in particular — you might find that the brakes aren't engaging properly. To move the piston back out, simply release the e-brake and pump the brake pedal a few times until it is tight against the pads again. Replacing the back brake rotors in the Honda Pioneer isn’t difficult. You’ll have to remove three bolts from the rear differential, one bolt from the control arm on the right side, and then take the caliper off and remove the rotor screws. After that, you slide the differential back a couple of inches to get the rotor off. It can be done as a solo project by yourself, but having a friend around to help out sure makes things easier!

Riders that don’t utilize engine braking will need to replace their Honda Pioneer brake pads more often, while those who hit their brakes too hard may need replacement brake rotors or calipers. But even when your UTV isn’t in motion, Honda Pioneer parking brakes are useful to maintain the motion status quo. Use a Honda Pioneer parking brake like the ones by Spring Brake Thingy when stopping on an incline to prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill, or use an e-brake when towing your Pioneer to stop it from flying off the back of your trailer. Riders with extreme lifts or portals may also need to extend their Honda Pioneer brake lines, which is why we carry brake line extinction kits for the Honda Pioneer. And where brake lines are concerned, we also offer Honda Pioneer brake fluid for at-home bleed jobs. After all, a brake line is useless without brake fluid. Nevertheless, if the stopping power of your Honda Pioneer isn’t where you want it to be, our brakes and brake-related aftermarket accessories will set you straight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of Honda Pioneer 1000 brake pads, Honda Pioneer 700 rear brake pad replacements, or Honda Pioneer brake fluid, you’ll find everything you need to ensure that you can stop immediately and reliably in your side-by-side at all times. And when it comes to Honda Pioneer brake repairs, getting the right parts and components is only half of the story. So if you need any advice, guidance, or assistance when purchasing Honda Pioneer brakes, installing Honda Pioneer brakes, or maintaining Honda Pioneer brakes, don’t hesitate to reach out to Everything Honda Offroad and we’ll do our best to assist you in any way possible! Because at the end of the day, we are riders just like you, and we’ve experienced a number of Honda Pioneer brake problems ourselves. So release the brakes, get out there, and get in motion without any brake issues gnawing away at the back of your mind!

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