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No matter if you want a Honda Pioneer front bumper or rear bumper, a Honda Pioneer front brush guard or rear brush guard, or a Honda Pioneer winch bumper or hitch bumper, we’re here to help at Everything Honda Offroad! Whether it be a Slasher Honda Pioneer bumper that covers your headlights, a low-profile Honda Pioneer bumper by Superatv, or some Honda Pioneer bumper panels from a company like Rough Country, get the right kind of protection at a price you can afford with a Honda Pioneer bumper / brush guard from Everything Honda Offroad!

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Be it a Honda Pioneer front bumper by SuperATV, a Honda Pioneer winch bumper and comparable winch by Bad Dawg, or a Honda Pioneer front brush guard by Extreme Metal Products, we’ve got the best bumpers and brush guards that experienced Honda Pioneer owners know and trust. There are several factors to consider before pulling the trigger on a Honda Pioneer bumper or brush guard. The terrain where you ride and your style of riding are important. For shrubby areas and places with a lot of tree stumps and other short bushes, Honda Pioneer front brush guards are important. These as well as the heavier front bumpers, however, can be heavy and make your machine more nose-heavy than most riders would prefer. To counter this, a Honda Pioneer rear bumper or other bed and tailgate accessories can be installed to add weight to the back of the UTV. Rear Honda Pioneer bumpers, like front bumpers, help guard vital components. They generally attach with four bolts under the bed by the hinge point, and are typically made from steel or aluminum in a tubular or rectangular shape. Whether it’s a Honda Pioneer front bumper, rear bumper, or brush guard, we’ve got the solutions to meet the most demanding riders’ needs. 

With regards to bumpers with built-in winch mounts, the placement of the winch along the vertical axis should take priority in your decision making. Placed too low and you won’t be able to access your winch in deep mud. Although easy to get around, the winch wire length could also give you problems with a UTV winch bumper. Usually, the blue and yellow cables are for the power and ground, and the red and black wires are meant to connect the contractor to the winch. These red and black wires are usually pretty short, and may need to be adjusted or replaced if used on a winch bumper. The side-by-side company Warn makes a solid winch bumper for the Honda Pioneer, but Bad Dawg’s winch bumper has a higher winch rating. However, most aftermarket Honda Pioneer brush guards and bumpers attach to the machine via factory bolts, which is why you should never snatch off your bumper. Bumpers and brush guards can also get hung up on the ground, and those with lower cutouts are especially vulnerable to bending — which is another thing to think about. 

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