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Whatever Honda Pioneer clutch problems you face, be it Honda Pioneer clutch slipping, slow clutch engagements, or the inability to spin heavy aftermarket tires, the Honda Talon clutches and Honda Talon clutch kits available at Everything Honda Offroad are guaranteed to help! Many riders choose to install Honda Pioneer clutch upgrades and Honda Pioneer clutch improvements kits, while others opt for Honda Pioneer clutch adjustments and clutch component updates -- but whichever route you’re looking to go with your Honda Pioneer 1000, 700, or 500 clutches, Everything Honda Offroad is here with the perfect parts and kits to improve both the primary and secondary clutching on your Honda UTV!

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You can get away with a number of things on the Honda Pioneer, but if you modify your machine without considering the dual-clutch system, you’re just asking for trouble. Riders that tweak their machines, either by changing the gearing, running heavier tires, or installing things like portal gear lifts and tracks, always adjust their Honda Pioneer clutching to take these modifications into account. The ones that don’t install Honda Pioneer clutch improvement kits do so at their own peril, and more often than not, with significant reductions in performance or increased damage down the line. But even on stock machines running in standard driving conditions, Honda Pioneer clutch slippage can occur, overheating issues can arise, and the Honda Pioneer clutch may not engage or disengage as smoothly as one would like. 

A bad clutch belt could be the culprit for Honda Pioneer clutch problems, or it could be that a clutch component has gone bad. No matter what the underlying issue is, though, we’ve got replacement clutch belts for the former, and replacement Honda Pioneer clutch components / aftermarket Honda Pioneer clutch kits for the latter. Clutch weights heavier than stock and clutch springs that are stiffer than stock can be swapped in to replace their factory counterparts, and complete Honda Pioneer clutch kits can also be installed to handle any aftermarket augmentation from portals and gear reductions to 33” tires on 15” rims.

Honda Pioneer clutch adjustments can sometimes solve your clutching issues — and should be done at least once after the break-in period of the vehicle. But other times, your best bet is an aftermarket Honda Pioneer clutch. Although a majority of Honda Pioneer clutch problems arise due to driver error, there is a recall / service bulletin on the clutch oiling system for 2016 / 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 models. But if you smoked your Honda Pioneer clutches trying to reverse pull your buddy out of a mud hole while winching, the fault rests solely with you. Luckily, whether you’ve got a Honda Pioneer edition with a manual shift option, or a Honda Pioneer with 100% automatic shifting, Everything Honda Offroad has the clutching parts to get your bike back up and in working order in no time!

If you’re riding around in a Honda Pioneer 700 with a torque converter, you may not care about clutch issues. And although you might think you’re covered by the five-year warranty you wisely bought, many extended warranties for the Honda Pioneer don’t cover clutch problems. So if you’re doing some bird watching in your UTV and cruising slow at low RPMs, be careful not to burn out your clutch. Or if you’re planning on hitting some puddles or other water hazards, make sure to properly vent your clutch as well as the shift adjustment box — and the differentials, radiator fan, sub-transmission, and fuel tank. Some problems can be fixed by conducting the clutch reset initialization process. However, other issues may require more extensive clutch work. But regardless of whether you’re looking to upgrade from an underperforming factory clutch, or are in search of a replacement clutch to fix some user-caused issues, we have the Honda Pioneer clutches and clutch kits to get the job done.

Knowing when to use your winch and when to use your gas pedal will save you from a majority of Honda Pioneer clutch problems. And if you don’t read the owners manual and mistakenly put automotive transmission fluid into Honda Pioneer’s sub transmission oil reservoir, your clutches are almost guaranteed to get damaged and start slipping. Furthermore, your Honda Pioneer clutches require electricity to engage. Accordingly, without a dual-battery setup, you’ll likely lose your clutch capabilities when operating a heavy-draw accessory like a UTV winch. So be it on the trail or at home when conducting periodic maintenance / upkeep, when in doubt, the friendly folks here at Everything Honda Offroad can help you figure it out. After all, giving us a call before doing something that’ll damage your machine will not only save you time and money, but it’ll also save you from the embarrassment and self depreciation of having to repair a clutch issue that could have been easily avoided. Don’t wait and give us a holler to ensure that the clutching on your Honda Pioneer is up to the rigors of the most punishing off-road terrains and rigorous riding conditions!

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