Complete Kits with Radio

Honda Pioneer owners who love to ride in convoys or with just one passenger can now communicate through UTV radios. These radios come in handy when out on a side-by-side adventure, and their range can be extended using supplementary gadgets. For riders who only need a range of one to two miles, a simple two-way handheld device would be sufficient. The VHF/UHF dual-band handheld by Rugged Radios is an excellent device that packs a punch above its weight class. Complete Honda Pioneer communication kits come with not just the radio but also headsets and intercoms. With this, riders can communicate with their fellow group members and even their family members without having to yell throughout the ride. For riders who use their machines for standard tasks, the standard Honda Pioneer communication kit with a radio will suffice. However, racers, field volunteers, and amateur radio enthusiasts can opt for high-power HAM radio kits that offer greater programmability, adjustable frequencies across the broadband spectrum, and further range options. Although some FCC frequencies prohibit US citizens from broadcasting, a simple license and one of our powerful UTV radios will give you access to a wide range of radio-wave frequency ranges. Visit Everything Honda Offroad for the best complete kits with radios for your Honda Pioneer, whether for a Pioneer 500 or a Pioneer 1000.

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