Complete Kits with Radio

If you’re riding in a Honda Pioneer convoy or alone with a single passenger that you care about, it’s always nice to be able to communicate when you're ripping it up on a side-by-side. UTV radios are one way to achieve rig-to-rig communications. And with ranges that can be extended using supplementary gadgets like antennas and upgraded transmission units, a complete Honda Pioneer communication kit with a radio can extend your reach far beyond the basic walkie-talkie-style two-way radios. But if all you need is one to two miles of workable range, a simple two-way handheld device is probably all you need. The VHF/UHF dual-band handheld by Rugged Radios, for example, packs a punch well above its 5-watt weight-class. Unlike a basic radio-only setup, complete Honda Pioneer communication kits like the ones by Rugged Radios, PCI Performance, and a handful of others include not just a powerful and capable radio but things like headsets and intercoms as well. Because in addition to having two-way communication between other riders in their group, many Honda Pioneer owners also want to talk to their wives, husbands, and kids without having to yell at them for the entire ride.

The standard Honda Pioneer communication kit with a radio will probably suffice for most riders that use their machines for standard tasks. For the racers, field volunteers, or amateur radio enthusiasts, however, we offer kits that use a high-power HAM radio with a greater degree of programmability, allowing for further range options and adjustable frequencies across the broadband spectrum. Although the average US citizen is prohibited from broadcasting on some frequencies by the FCC, a simple license and one of our powerful UTV radios will give you access to a wide variety of radio-wave frequency ranges. So whether you’re after a simple radio kit for your Pioneer 500 or the best kit on the market for your Honda Pioneer 1000, when in doubt, shop Everything Honda Offroad for the best complete kits with radios.

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