Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

If you’re looking for a better way to tell your kids they’re going the wrong way on their ATVs, shock collars can do the trick. But a better way is with a Honda Pioneer communication system hooked up to some quality earbuds and helmet speakers. Throw some helmet speakers into your kid’s helmets, and use earbuds for yourself. No matter what you’re using to communicate, be it a two-way handheld on GMRS channels or a mobile radio transmitting on VHF wavelengths, if your earbuds are garbage, your conversations will be garbage as well. After all, your antenna could be picking up a strong signal, your receiver could be working flawlessly, and your connections could be rock solid. But if your helmet speakers are shot, or your earbuds are busted, it would all be in vain. For this reason, we often suggest replacement earbuds for riders wanting more fidelity in their UTV communication system and top-tier helmet speakers and earbuds for riders setting up a communication system from scratch. Regardless of which camp you fall into, we’re sure to have the stuff you need for you and your Honda Pioneer.

We have wired earbuds that can jack into radios and intercoms and wireless earbuds and helmet speakers with enough charge to last all day. Play your favorite heavy metal song beamed directly to your helmet speakers from your cellphone via Bluetooth, or add a headset mic or hand mic to your setup and have a cheeky conversation on the trail. Our Honda Pioneer earbuds and helmet speakers are handy for racing applications. Install helmet speakers or wear earbuds underneath your helmet to get official race communications from your race receiver, or tap into your crew’s channel to get advice and real-time instructions from your team. Whatever you’re looking for in a set of earbuds or helmet speakers for use in your Honda Pioneer, our selection is sure to be comfortable, clear, and able to withstand the tests of the trail or track.

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