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You don’t have to be an expert navigator to rip up a maze-like trail system on your Honda Pioneer. Navigational tools like paper maps don’t age well, and cellphone maps are only somewhat reliable. Most Android tablets can be used with BackCountry Navigator or similar trail-map apps, but they are limited in functionality. If you want something that you can upload maps to, something that will record your trips, and something with a standalone GPS antenna for 24/7 global positioning, a Honda Pioneer GPS unit is the device for you. You can get portable GPS devices with temporary mounts of stationary GPS units that are hard mounted in your Pioneer. Devices like the Elite-7 Ti Touch Screen GPS by PCI Race Radios can be fixed to your Pioneer with a Ram mount in the top center of your windshield roll bar and in-dash, on-dash, and below-dash brackets can also be used. Some units get up there in terms of price, but if you’re the kind of person who usually spends more than one time for a quality item that lasts, the initial investment will pay off dividends for years to come.

The hand-held Garmin Montana is another popular GPS to use in the Honda Pioneer. Riders like the Garmin Montana have all the trails preloaded with the birds-eye view to give you satellite imagery worldwide. The Garmin Alpha GPS unit is another popular portable navigational tool. It is waterproof can be thrown around your neck or attached to your buggy with a clip-in mount. For riders that want Garmin-quality coverage on a bigger screen, they make Garmin Bluetooth adapters that work with Apple tablets. You can download things like Polaris’ Ride Command App or an app called Marine Ways and get more detail than a traditional GPS unit with the tabled larger screen. Whatever style of GPS you’re after and regardless of the functionality you require in a GPS unit, we’ve got the latest gadgets for navigating trails, marking locations, and tracking rides as well as ride metrics such as speed and altitude.

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