Helmet Kits

When you’re tearing it up in your Honda Pioneer, you don’t want to risk not wearing a helmet. Yet many helmets restrict your options in terms of communication and listening to music. Full-face helmets muffle your voice when speaking, and they also dampen the voices of others as well as your in-cab music setup. And this is where Honda Pioneer helmet kits come into play. Pioneer owners install helmet speakers so they can hear their music over the rumble of their engines. Helmet speakers can also be synced with intercoms and UTV radio setups and used for voice communications. Add an auto-flowering helmet microphone that automatically dims the music volume for incoming voice communications, and you’ve got a top-notch setup for rocking and rolling and talking and strolling. Keep in touch with your crew without losing your mood with a Honda Pioneer audio helmet kit. 


Using helmet communication kits in the field is pretty standard, but on the race track, a good majority of Honda Pioneer racers use helmet kits for hands-free communications. You don’t need a fancy Bluetooth helmet with speakers and a mic built-in from the factory. All the benefits of a Bluetooth helmet can be had with a helmet audio kit. Get official race communications sent directly to your helmet kit for you to consume on the track, sync your kit with a GPS or smartphone for voice directions and your updated playlist, or use a UTV helmet kit in conjunction with an intercom to talk with your passengers without having to take off your helmet. We’ve got communication helmet kits for motocross helmets and kits that use behind-the-head headsets perfect for half-shell helmets. Comfortable, clean, and long-lasting audio helmet kits are but a few clicks away. Don’t hit the track or trail without one!


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