Protect your head with the right Honda Pioneer helmet. Even though the Pioneer offers a roof and windshield, it's always better to be safe with a helmet. Fast, steep hills, and technical riding increase the chances of a head injury. In fact, some off-road parks require drivers and passengers to wear DOT-approved helmets. Don't risk it! At Everything Honda Offroad, we offer a variety of helmets, including air pumper helmets and those with built-in communication devices. Choose from half-hat style helmets to lightweight motocross helmets. Helmets are not only protective accessories, but they offer added features, such as air pumps and Bluetooth communication. If you're looking for the right UTV helmet for yourself, your family, and your friends, Everything Honda Offroad has got you covered. Check out our top-selling Honda Pioneer accessory categories, including audio and audio accessories, bumpers and guards, cab enclosures, doors, gun racks and hunting accessories, heaters, mirrors, roofs, and windshields.

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