Whether you’re after an ultra-light open-face helmet with a visor for your kid or a full-blown full-face helmet for yourself, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when tearing it up on your Honda Pioneer. We know that the Pioneer has a roof and windshield, so it’s understandable to think that you don't need a helmet — and be able to get away with just a good pair of goggles and a dust bandana for when it gets dusty. However, if you’re going fast, ascending steep hills, or doing any technical riding, there is always that chance that a head injury may occur. And even for those riders who are vehemently opposed to UTV helmets and swear never to wear one regardless of the terrain or weather conditions, some off-road parks require drivers and passengers to wear DOT-approved helmets. Sure, if all you do is go on slow Sunday drives around gravel back-forest roads, helmets might be a bit overkill. For more extreme rides, those who eschew helmets do so at their own risk.

Obviously, Honda Pioneer helmets are first and foremost protective accessories. But the right side-by-side helmet can do a lot more than keep your noggin from jogging. Air pumper helmets allow you to connect air pumps to your helmet and blast yourself with fresh, clean, and cooling air. Other side-by-side helmets come with built-in communication devices such as in-helmet mics and helmet speakers. These Bluetooth communication helmets can sync with your radio or phone for long-distance communications, your intercom for in-vehicle communications or an MP3 player to deliver your favorite tunes directly to your ears with the click of a button. From half-hat style helmets like the ones Harley guys wear to motocross helmets that are lightweight yet tough, here at Everything Honda Offroad, you’re sure to find the right UTV helmet for yourself, your family, and your friends.

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