Offroad Short Course

Honda and their flagship Pioneer UTV may not be the McLaren F1 of the side-by-side world, but that shouldn’t stop you from using your Honda Pioneer on the Offroad short course. Anyone who does race their Pioneer — be it for fun or competitively — will tell you that an important aspect of any medium- or long-distance race is communication. Communication between drivers and co-drivers, pilots, and co-pilots is crucial for any race or rally. Single drivers, as well, can benefit from Offroad short course communication systems. Discussing directions with your race spotter or talk performance on the fly with the crew mechanic can prove highly beneficial during an Offroad race. Connecting with your racing team or scout in the field is only one aspect of an Offroad short course communication system for the Honda Pioneer. Being able to receive official info from race administrators is another, and some races require drivers to run a race receiver at minimum for specific circuits, events, and races.

Offroad short course communication systems can be handheld devices, but more often, they’re more involved than that — utilizing things like in-helmet speakers and PTT buttons for increased communicational control. Already have a Honda Pioneer Offroad short course comm system? No sweat. We’ve got the adapters, antenna extensions, battery eliminates, and other accessories to repair and replace parts on your existing Offroad short course setup. Radio scanners, radio equipment for the pit crew, or intercom replacement parts, we do it all. Be it wireless earbuds that fit underneath UTV racing helmets or a replacement coil cord for the built-in radio in your ear, and you won’t be disappointed with Everything Honda Offroad’s selection of Honda Pioneer communication kits for the Offroad short course. Get yours today, so you never have to race without it again!

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