Offroad Short Course

While Honda's Pioneer UTV may not be the top-performing vehicle in the side-by-side market, it can still be a useful tool on the off-road short course. Race enthusiasts understand that communication is key during any race or rally, and the same holds true for off-road racing. Whether you are racing for fun or competitively, being able to communicate with your teammates is crucial. Off-road short course communication systems can include handheld devices, in-helmet speakers, and PTT buttons to provide you with more control. At Everything Honda Offroad, they offer Honda Pioneer communication kits for the off-road short course, including replacements parts like adapters, antenna extensions, and battery eliminations that you may need for your existing setup. Additionally, they have radio scanners, radio equipment for pit crews, and intercom replacement parts. With their selection of communication kits, you won't have to race without a proper communication system anymore.

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