Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Back in the day, riders had to learn hand signals and morse code to communicate with each other. But thanks to modern technology, UTV owners no longer have to rely on such rudimentary forms of communication. Class-act Powersports communication companies such as Rugged Radios, Baofeng, and TYT have led the way in creating better radio systems and other communication gear for the Honda Pioneer. A key feature of many Honda Pioneer communication systems is the PTT (Push-to-Talk) button. These external devices allow member users to control the conversation by controlling the circuitry of their radios. The PTT button in a Honda Pioneer communication system is just a basic switch. When the switch is closed and conducting electricity, it activates the radio’s power amplifier and primes the transmission module. At the same time, it idles the radio receiver, making it so that only one individual can talk at any given moment. This helps busy channels with a lot of noise, and it makes conversations straight-forward and uninterrupted.

When clipped onto one’s jacket, a body-mounted PPT device is close by and easy to reach. Many riders with aftermarket steering wheels like to integrate their Push-to-Talk buttons on their paddles or in a cluster within the circumference of their steering wheel. This makes the button extremely accessible and doesn’t require the driver to remove their hands from the wheel. There are even foot-operated PTT buttons that mount to the floor panels to be pressed by your non-dominant foot. Regardless of where you mount your PTT button and the type of communication device you’re using it for — be it a Honda Pioneer intercom or a portable UTV radio — a reliable Push-to-Talk button goes a long way in supporting a successful conversation on the trail. So if you’re looking for a PTT replacement, PTT components, or an entire communications system that comes with a PTT, we’ve got all you need and more right here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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