Race Air Pumper System

Regardless of whether you’re a driver with accolades, a novice racer, or simply someone who doesn’t enjoy breathing dust when riding trails, an air pumper system for the Honda Pioneer is the solution for you. Sure accessories like hard or fabric rear panels can help with dust reduction in the cab, while bandanas and goggles can be used to prevent dust from getting in your face. But the most effective way to keep the dust at bay is a Honda Pioneer race air pumper system. Using specialized air pumper helmets and your choice of 2- or 4-person air pumps, Honda Pioneer air pumper systems not only keep your eyes, mouth, and nose clear of dust, but they also provide cooling air for those miserably hot days on the track or trail. Traditional helmets can be musty at best and stifling at worse. But not air pumper helmets. With a series of filters, hoses, and compressors, Honda Pioneer air pumper systems pump refreshing air directly to your dome — no more mud to your face, sand in your eyes, or dust in your lungs. And better still, many come with built-in communications systems as well, enabling riders and passengers alike to talk amongst themselves freely without removing their helmets. 


Things can get a bit noisy when ripping it up in the Honda Pioneer. Furthermore, if you ride on dirt roads, you know how dusty things get. Eliminate both issues with a fresh air pumper for the Honda Pioneer. The air pumper kits here at Everything Honda Offroad are made to fit the Pioneer — no wire splicing or tedious tube trimming required. Use the air pumper helmets with built-in audio to connect wirelessly to your intercom, or get a helmet audio kit to sync your fresh air helmet to your phone. Where safety is concerned, full-face helmets are a must. Where comfort is concerned, heat and dust are the enemies. And where convenience is concerned, constantly removing and replacing your helmet is a real pain in the butt. Stay safe, comfortable, and connected with a Honda Pioneer air pumper system from Everything Honda Offroad! 


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