Race Air Pumper System

If you're a Honda Pioneer driver, you understand the importance of staying safe, comfortable, and dust-free when you're on the track or trail. Regular helmets can be stifling and dusty, but air pumper helmets are a game-changer. With filters, hoses, and compressors, Honda Pioneer air pumper systems provide refreshing air directly to your helmet, keeping dust, sand, and mud at bay while keeping you cool. Many systems also come with built-in communication features, so you can talk with other riders without removing your helmet. A fresh air pumper for the Honda Pioneer eliminates noise and dust and doesn't require any wire splicing or tedious tube trimming. Everything Honda Offroad has air pumper kits designed to fit your Pioneer, so you can choose the helmet audio kit that syncs with your phone or the air pumper helmets with built-in audio to connect wirelessly to your intercom. Stay safe and connected with a Honda Pioneer air pumper system.

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