Radio race receivers are common place in the UTV racing scene. Anyone who’s seen some success in the racing world is undoubtedly a talented driver. Still, even drivers with the fastest reflexes, best instincts, and keenest senses are limited by the information that they have access to. To get around this, most side-by-side racers and rally participants use receivers to pull in and receive radio communications from the air. With a Honda Pioneer receiver or radio scanner, you can tap into the airwaves and get a feel for what others are talking about. You can set your receiver to specific channels, say, the one your crew uses to update you with the vital information you need to complete the race. Race officials also broadcast information using radio waves, and many races require drivers to have receivers to obtain the race-related information they transmit. UTV radio receivers aren’t exclusively made for the track, however. You can also use them for other purposes when riding your Honda Pioneer. 


Many riders use radio receivers to pick up their local FM or AM stations. They can also be set to ranges of bands to pick up voice communications in the area. Firefighter Station, Police force, and EMT communications can be picked up with a receiver if they’re in the vicinity, and the Forest Service, the Department of Game and Fish, the BLM, and other governmental institutions also use radio communications within their ranks as well as for public consumption. Receivers are particularly useful to get weather-related information broadcasted by the National Weather Service. They can be used for organizing a workforce of ranch hands or used to conduct search and rescue missions. Be it at the track or on the drag strip, during a competitive race, or at a fun UTV rally, we’ve got the receivers you need to convert radio waves into music and intelligible voice communications.


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