Single Person Race Systems

For those Honda Pioneer riders that rip it up like Richard Petty at the track, a single-person race communication system is probably used during training, the race itself, or, most likely, both. Racing accessories like neck restraints will save you from whiplash, while things like aftermarket steering wheels might improve the feel of your Pioneer. Where racing is concerned, however, conducting informational transactions via communications devices is imperative. For solo drivers, something like a UTV intercom to get directions from the navigator in the passenger seat is rather superfluous. A better-suited device for such applications is a single-person race system. Whether you're zipping around the circular track, going pedal to the metal on an Offroad short course, or even participating in a long-distance marathon race or rally, a single-person race system for the Honda Pioneer is the ultimate solution for lone-rangers with the need to communicate. Use the receiver side of the system to obtain radio signals and then implement your own broadcast unit to transmit your own voice communications. The sky's the limit with a single-person race system.


Get a complete single-person race system for general use or augment an existing single-person race system for specific purposes. Antennas and signal boosters, for example, are how long-distance racers keep in touch with their team. And for the Offroad short course, crew-side communication gear like half headsets and PTT clips make things easier for team assistants and pit members. Whatever distance you race in your Honda Pioneer, and regardless of whether you’re racing on dirt, asphalt, sand, or other types of terrain, the single-person race systems here at Everything Honda Offroad offer something for everyone. So mount one to your dashboard or get a portable system to bring along for racing events. But whatever you do, never compete in another race again without the added advantage of running a Honda Pioneer single-person race system in your racing rig. 


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