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Some people might find it peaceful to ride alone in their Honda Pioneers without any distractions. But for others, it’s nice to be able to chit-chat and shoot the breeze when riding. It’s one thing to connect with other vehicles in your crew, but many Honda Pioneer owners struggle to even communicate with individuals in the same cab. Be it from a loud exhaust or a tight-fitting full-face helmet, and if you want to talk to your friends and family without screaming at the top of your lungs, a Honda Pioneer intercom is your best bet. We have intercom kits for single-seat racing and intercom kits for fire and safety vehicles. Our builder intercom kits allow you to seamlessly connect helmet audio kits or headsets and scale them up to as many people and devices you want. We have intercom kits for two people, three people, four people, and intercom kits with radios for extended reach. Discreetly talk to your partner back at camp when hunting, or notify your wife of a sharp turn ahead. Whatever your Honda Intercom needs may be, we can fulfill them right here at Everything Honda Offroad.

With Honda Pioneer intercoms with enhanced audio controls, you can scroll through your music options, pause a song, skip a song, and even conduct phone calls from the intercom unit's faceplate. Attach a handheld mic with a push-to-transmit button, or plug a GoPro into your intercom to capture headset vocals over your extreme riding footage. With a Honda Pioneer intercom kit, the power lies with the rider. In addition to fully integrated Pioneer intercom systems, we also offer intercom cables, intercom replacement parts, and intercom accessories such as amps, noise filters, and tag kits. Clamp-on RF noise reducers are a great way to cut out static on old intercom systems, and things like wireless music interfaces allow you to stream music wirelessly from your go-to device. For all the latest intercoms and intercom-related accessories for the Honda Pioneer, those in the know come to Everything Honda Offroad!

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