Keep your food fresh and your beverages colder than an alpine lake during the dead of winter with a hard-sided or soft-sided Honda Pioneer cooler from Everything Honda Offroad. And to secure your off-road cooler in a convenient location without taking up precious cargo space, we also offer specialized Honda Pioneer cooler racks, Honda Pioneer cooler brackets, and Honda Pioneer cooler mounts!

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If given the task of listing all the essential gear items carried on their UTV, many Honda Pioneer owners would fail to list a cooler. However, if given that same task after spending a long day on the trail during a scorching summer heat wave, an ice chest would be one of the first few items they would list. No matter how many people are cramming into the machine, most people would agree there is always enough room to fit an ice chest. Whether you use your Honda Pioneer for exploring trails, hunting duties, or farm chores, there’s nothing better than knowing a cold, refreshing beverage is waiting for you in your rig. That’s why you should consider investing in a dedicated Honda Pioneer ice chest from We offer several different options in a variety of styles and sizes. We also know each owner has a different budget, so we have a cooler available at each price point to make sure you have an option that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Folks who are in need of a Honda Pioneer soft cooler should consider the Greene Mountain Outdoors Roll Bar 6 Pack Cooler. The ingenious design of this cooler focuses on simplicity and adaptability. The Roll Bar 6 Pack Cooler holds six 12-ounce canned drinks, and it can be loaded from the side or the end. This means the cooler can be strapped in an assortment of configurations and locations within your Honda Pioneer for convenient access and ease of transportation. It also has a built-in shoulder strap for hiking excursions that take you away from your UTV. The Roll Bar 6 Pack Cooler is our cheapest cooler option, but it is proudly made in the USA with high quality materials and attention to detail. This soft cooler is ideal for day trips and picnics, short hunting excursions away from basecamp, and ranch hands who like to keep a few drinks available throughout the day.

Of course, many people need something capable of holding more than just a handful of canned drinks. Fortunately, we have a couple different Honda Pioneer in-bed coolers that are ideal for those people. The Kolpin Powersports Super-Coolers are tailor made for Honda Pioneers. The Super-Coolers do exactly as their name suggests - they super cool the contents and keep them that way. These Kolpin Powersports products have a foam-filled body and lid, freezer-grade gasket, and padlock port for reliable insulation and security. The Super-Coolers are certified bear-proof designs, but their rubber draw latches and padded aluminum handles make them easy to use for both adults and young kids. The smaller option has an internal volume of 20 quarts, and the larger option has an internal capacity of 60 quarts, so there is sure to be a size that meets your needs.

Lastly, Honda Pioneer owners in search of a cooler with separate compartments and the ability to fine-tune the cooling settings will appreciate the Rough Country 45L Portable Refrigerator. This luxury gear item plugs directly into your Honda Pioneer with a DC power cord and has an adjustable cooling range of -4° to 68° degrees Fahrenheit. The internal compartment is partitioned to allow you to separate food and beverages, and the built-in LED lights make it convenient to use in all lighting conditions. If you’re in need of a Honda Pioneer ice chest with all the best bells and whistles, then look no further than the Rough Country 45L Portable Refrigerator.

One last thing to consider is the need to leave your Honda Pioneer’s tailgate down when using some in-bed coolers. Once loaded down with contents and ice, coolers can be heavy. The tailgate is capable of supporting the static weight, but the repeated shock-load of a bouncing cooler is enough to cause some concern. If you want to ensure your tailgate doesn’t develop a permanent bow, then you would be wise to invest in the Seizmik Cargo X10D Bed Extender. The Cargo X10D Bed Extender prolongs the life of your tailgate, and it has built-in cooler mounts that eliminate the need for cargo straps to secure your ice chest, so you’ll be able to open top-folding coolers without having to unstrap them.

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