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Why do a Honda Pioneer ECU reflash when you can achieve total authority over your UTV’s electronic control unit with a Honda Pioneer ECU tuner from Everything Honda Offroad? Whether you’re after a little Honda Pioneer 700 ECU tuning to optimize the aftermarket exhaust you just installed, or a Honda Pioneer 500 ECU tune to remove speed and rev limiters for a little more giddy-up and go, gain godlike powers over your side-by-side with one of our Honda Pioneer ECU tuners!

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Are you looking for a way to eliminate or raise the rev limiter on a Honda Pioneer 700 to get a few more mph out of it? Do you want more torque in your machine to pull boats, farm equipment, and other heavy loads? If so, a Honda Pioneer ECU tuner is what you need. Sure the Pioneer is more of a workhorse than a race machine, but that doesn’t mean you have to go slow 100% of the time. And getting a little more oomph out of your machine doesn’t require any engine, air box, or muffler modifications. With a Honda Pioneer Programmer, you can tune bottom-end fuel ratios and shifting programs that govern your machine’s RPMs, giving it a little more giddy-up and go. The Honda Pioneer is choked off big time, which kills your torque. An aftermarket exhaust can open it up, but an exhaust with a tuner is one of the best things you can do to improve your machine’s torque.

Companies like Dobeck Performance make EFI controllers and ECU tuners for the Honda Pioneer. Many riders like to adjust their machines to better suit how and where they ride. In the U.S., many companies run their UTVs lean to pass regulations, so by adding a Honda Pioneer ECU tuner or programmer, you can richen up the fuel to get around these regulations. DynoJet tuners are similar to those by Dobeck. Dyno your Honda Pioneer, and you can wake it up by between 15 to 25mph. You can gain over six horsepower at the rear with a proper tune while running 30” tires. Sure larger tires may get you another 1-2 mph on the top end, and we’ve seen guys who have swapped Rincon gears into a p700 along with the ECU from a 2014 p700 who was able to cruise around in the mid-’50s. But doing this would likely cause you to lose all your low-end torque. So if you want to wake up your machine, increase torque, and gain more control on the computer side, a Honda Pioneer Programmer or ECU tuner is what you need.

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