Fire/Medical Rescue

From Honda Pioneer fire extinguishers and Honda Pioneer fire extinguisher mounts to Honda Pioneer fire fighting accessories and Honda Pioneer medical rescue accessories, get what you need for any UTV fire / rescue endevor from Everything Honda Offroad. We’ve got simple Honda Pioneer rescue kits and first aid kits, as well as Medlite and Firelite transport systems for the bed of the Honda Pioneer 1000, 700, and 500!

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For personal Honda Pioneer fire prevention gear, professional-grade Honda Pioneer firefighting accessories, and Honda Pioneer medical rescue equipment, the go-to place to begin your search is at Everything Honda Offroad. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wildland firefighter that needs rapid and reliable access to isolated areas, a wildlife EMT in search of better side-by-side medical accessories, or an explorer search and rescue instructor teaching the nation’s youth how to properly conduct off-road rescue missions, Everything Honda Offroad has what you need to get the job done right the first time and every time thereafter! When lives are hanging in the balance and you are all that stands between them and serious injury, there are no excuses for not equipping yourself and your Honda Pioneer with the best fire and rescue accessories. And while Honda Pioneer fire extinguishers and Honda Pioneer fire extinguisher mounts are always good to have on hand, their small size and limited capacity makes them almost useless against larger barn fires, brush fires, and forest fires. So if your Honda PIoneer is a first responder vehicle, we have the parts and accessories for you at Everything Honda Offroad.

On top of our performance upgrades for faster response times in the Honda Pioneer, we’ve also got in-bed stretchers and UTV basket stretchers for emergency extractions, tow-behind water tanks and skid units with powerful pumps for fire suppression, as well as Honda Pioneer lifeguard accessories for the beach and snow-related accessories for wintertime rescues at high elevations. To prevent fires from spreading, our Honda Pioneer drag implements, plows, and box blades are perfect for creating firebreaks. And with our axe mounts, chainsaw scabbard and utility trailers, you can easily thin trees around structures and clear brush and dead trees from your property. Proper preparation makes a night and day difference with any endeavor, and it’s no different with firefighting and medical rescue efforts using the Honda Pioneer! So prepare your rig for whatever’s in store with the fire and medical rescue accessories from Everything Honda Offroad!

There are many accessories available for the Honda Pioneer 1000, the Honda Pioneer 700, and the Honda Pioneer 500 that aren’t necessarily made for fire and medical rescue purposes, but prove useful for such applications nonetheless. Light bars, cube light, and spot lights, for example, are absolutely essential for nighttime search and rescue missions, while flood lights and scene lights for the Honda Pioneer are great for lighting up specific areas where control lines are being made, cold trailing activities are being carried out, or other search and rescue efforts are being conducted. And to get you where you’re needed safely, we also sell beacon lights and sirens to alert others on the road of the urgency of your situation.

To keep each individual participant in your group abreast of the latest information and plan-of-attack, Honda Pioneer communications systems like intercoms, GMRS radios, and two-way hand-held radios are almost compulsory. After all, if you can’t organize your team and communicate during the mission, you’ll be severely disadvantaged and less likely to achieve success. Plus, when time is of the essence, the last thing you need is to have to ride all the way back to base camp to alert others of a possible lead, clue, or other piece of useful information. 

For wintertime search and rescue missions, few accessories can match the usefulness of Honda Pioneer snow tracks. Whether you’re trying to find a stranded snowmobiler, or setting off controlled avalanches before they go off unexpectedly with a back-country skier on top, snow tracks will greatly improve your ability to traverse snowy terrain. In most search and rescue missions, time is of the essence. So the faster you can get to where you’re needed, the better off everyone involved will be. And for this, we have Honda Pioneer engine performance accessories, ECU tuners, and aftermarket exhausts to give your UTV more power and faster top speeds. Come fire, ice, wind, or snow, be prepared for anything mother nature has to throw at you with the Honda Pioneer fire and medical rescue accessories from Everything Honda Offroad. And whatever kind of missions you partake in, we’ve got the right stuff to tip the odds in your favor at every step along the way. You’re a person of action, so leave the thoughts and prayers for others and make an actual difference with the firefighting and rescue-related accessories available at Everything Honda Offroad!

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