Floor and Bed Mats

Welcome to our Honda Pioneer Floor Mats shop category where we ensure superior rotection meets your Pioneer's needs! Our assortment showcases an array of rugged and top-tier floor mats, clips, and carpets. Choose from our tough rubber mats for resilient protection, elegant aluminum mats for a sleek look, or sturdy hard-touch floorboards tailored to your preferences. These floor guardians are crafted to withstand all off-road challenges - be it mud, sand, or gravel - ensuring your Honda Pioneer's interior stays immaculate. Order your Honda Pioneer Floor Mats today and enjoy an experience worthy of your UTV!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Honda Pioneer Floor Mats?

Floor Mat Materials

When selecting Honda Pioneer Floor Mats, it’s best to consider the variety of materials available and which one of these is the best pick for your needs.

Rubber mats are the top pick for challenging terrains, offering easy maintenance and durability. That’s likely why most people prefer rubber mats.

Aluminum mats not only protect your footwells but also add a rugged aesthetic to your Pioneer. For a more luxurious feel, consider the Pioneer carpets, although they are better suited for less rugged use.

All in all, don’t go for anything plush if you’re often driving trails. If you simply want a nicer interior and you aren’t the person to go through, dust, mud, or rain, pusher liners could be an option.

Design and Features

The design of the floor mats matters too since these are both functional and practical upgrades.

Choose mats with raised edges to contain spills and dirt, especially if you often ride through muddy areas. 

Combining aluminum floorboards with rubber mats can offer the best of both worlds – superior protection and easy cleaning.

Look out for special features like added grip, heat insulation, water repellency, and convenient installation clips. These enhance the functionality and sophistication of your Honda Pioneer.


Style is also important, especially for an enthusiast who wants to make his/her Honda Pioneer look as nice as possible.

You can choose between more ordinary designs and textures or you can go all-out and go for brighter contrasting colors that are going to attract lots of attention to your floor.

If you are someone who takes proper care of the Honda Pioneer, this is a good option.

If you aren’t all that readily able to clean your Pioneer, it’s best to avoid colors that are going to make dirt more visible.

Floor Mats vs Floorboards

Select mats or boards that complement your Pioneer's look, whether you're going for a utilitarian, rugged, or luxurious vibe. 

Floor mats and floorboards serve different purposes: mats for easy, removable protection and boards for permanent, sturdy coverage. Depending on your usage, you might want to consider using both.

If you do use both, it’s still best to leave your mats at home when you go into serious offroading adventures since floorboards should be enough for protection.