Hand Controls

There aren't too many options out there for Honda Pioneer hand controls. But regardless of whether you're after hand controls for your Honda Pioneer 1000, hand controls for your Honda Pioneer 700, or hand controls for your Honda Pioneer 500, we've got the perfect products for you and your needs at Everything Honda Offroad! For the left and right floor pedals, we have both hand controls to operate, as well as guards to cover up the brake and throttle. And for the steering wheel, we carry attachments like spinner knobs for those with limited arm / shoulder mobility, single-pin and multi-pin grips for riders who can't open their hands fully, and amputee rings designed for drivers with prosthetic hooks!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Honda Pioneer Hand Controls?

Honda Pioneer Hand Control Types

In the realm of Honda Pioneer hand controls, the variety ensures there's something for every need, especially if these are essential for any medical condition you might be facing.

Palm Grips

The palm grips are designed with endurance in mind, offering a comfortable, cushion-like support for your hands, ideal for long rides or for those who may have wrist discomfort. 

These grips help in reducing fatigue and maintain a steady hold on the controls even on really long rides.

Triple-Pin Grips

Tri-pin grips are your go-to for adventurous off-road journeys where you want to have complete control over your Honda Pioneer steering inputs.

They provide a firm, non-slip grip, crucial for handling wet or muddy conditions with ease. Their design ensures maximum control during your most challenging outdoor escapades.

Single Pin Grips

For those who prefer finesse and agility over precision and control, the single-pin grips are a perfect choice. 

Lightweight and user-friendly, these grips offer graceful control and are easy to adapt to, making them suitable for a variety of driving situations.

V Grips

The V grips, with their distinctive V shape, are tailored for drivers seeking additional steering support, but they aren’t to everyone’s taste.

They enable better control over the vehicle, particularly beneficial during intricate maneuvering.

Build Materials

When it comes to the material of the hand controls, it's crucial to choose something that combines durability with style and can serve you for years.

Options range from the sturdy resilience of rubber and aluminum to the elegant feel of zinc.

The choice of material should also consider the typical environments encountered during your adventures. If you often find yourself in damp or muddy conditions, selecting materials that resist corrosion and rust is advisable.

All in all, don’t go cheap when it comes to materials since these are very important for the overall longevity of your Honda Pioneer hand controls.

The construction of these hand controls includes robust mounts and handles, ensuring they are ready to withstand various driving conditions and challenges.

Installation and Ease of Use

The design of Honda Pioneer hand controls focuses on simplicity and practicality, facilitating easy installation without the need for extensive tools or technical knowledge. 

This simplicity extends to their use, ensuring a seamless and efficient driving experience no matter where you go.

Additionally, for drivers with specific medical requirements, it's important to consider hand controls that accommodate these needs. 

Ergonomic designs that reduce strain and provide adequate support can be crucial for drivers with physical limitations or conditions that affect their driving ability.