Harnesses and Safety

Honda Pioneer is a popular choice for riders due to its versatility. It can be used for towing, cutting wood, ripping up hills, and exploring trails. Safety should always be a priority when riding. UTV seat belts are good, but 4- and 5-point harnesses are even better. Everything Honda Offroad offers leading brands such as Brick City Fab and Pro Armor for all your Honda Pioneer harness needs. Dragonfire EVO harnesses are perfect for Pioneer 1000, Tusk 4-point harnesses suit the 2017 700-4, and Honda Pioneer harnesses attached to the aftermarket harness bar work well for Pioneer 500. The safety and comfort of your harness are crucial. It should be comfortable, fit well, and not restrict your movement during a crash. The safest Pioneer harness kits, like the Honda Pioneer Pro Armor seat belt, require a harness bar that integrates with the stock cage and headrest crossbars. Retractable harnesses are easy to use, and they lock with the OEM belt buckles. With retractable Honda Pioneer harnesses, you'll have greater mobility behind the wheel without sacrificing safety.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Honda Pioneer Harnesses and Safety?

Types of Harnesses

 2-Point Harnesses

These harnesses have just two attachment points and are generally simpler in design. While they offer basic restraint, they may not be as secure as other types in rough terrain.

These are the usual seat belts most of us use in our cars. They are enough for basic movement, but anything more than that requires more serious harnesses.

4-Point Harnesses

These are more common for off-road use because they provide much better restrain compared to 2-point harnesses.

They provide better security by holding the torso in place more effectively. However, they can be more restrictive in terms of movement.

 5-Point Harnesses

These include an additional strap between the legs for extra safety, which is particularly important in high-speed or rugged off-road conditions. They offer the highest level of security.

6-Point Harnesses

Similar to 5-point Honda Pioneer harnesses but with two straps between the legs, offering even more security and stability. 

If you are not piloting a fighter jet and experiencing multiple G’s of force, these are likely going to be a bit much.

Quality and Durability

Always look for harnesses made from high-quality materials like heavy-duty nylon or polyester, with reinforced stitching and strong buckles across the board.

These materials ensure the harness can withstand wear and tear, which is crucial for safety and overall longevity, both for your Honda Pioneer interior and your harnesses.

Comfort and Adjustability

Also be sure to opt for harnesses with padding, especially on the shoulder areas where prolonged harness use can become very uncomfortable.

Adjustable straps are important to accommodate riders of different sizes and to ensure the harness sits correctly, which is key for effective safety.

All in all, you should also do your best to be comfortable because many people opt to not use harnesses at all because they are so uncomfortable.

Safety Certification and Standards Compliance

Make sure the harnesses meet relevant safety standards and certifications as certified products assure quality and reliability.

All the products within our category are intended to last and serve you in the interest of safety for many years to come.

This also includes certifications and rigorous testing to make sure these Honda Pioneer-specific safety tools are capable of keeping you safe.