Heat Shields

With everything from Honda Pioneer 1000 heat shields and Honda Pioneer 500 heat shields to Honda Pioneer 1000-5 heat shields and Honda Pioneer 700 heat shields, Everything Honda Offroad has the heat shield accessories to help you and your UTV beat the heat. We offer Honda Pioneer 1000 under-seat heat shields, in-bed heat shields for the Honda Pioneer, and even exhaust heat deflectors and complete Honda Pioneer heat shield kits!

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Through the use of Honda Pioneer heat shields, Honda Pioneer heat shield kits, as well as Honda Pioneer heat wrap and Honda Pioneer sound deadening material, you can prevent your exhaust, your engine, and the other hot components on your UTV from causing damage to you, your riding companions, and the nearby parts on your Pioneer. And to find screaming hot deals on all the best Honda Pioneer heat shield accessories, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to go! We’ve got the best Honda Pioneer heat shields on the market, made from flame-retardant materials that can withstand temperatures hotter than anything your Honda Pioneer can generate.

Although the cab heat within the Honda Pioneer is great for cold winter days, many riders choose to install heat deflectors, under-seat Honda Pioneer heat shields, and other heat shielding accessories to prevent themselves from getting roasted during the warm months of summer. Some might argue that the only true way to cool down your Honda Pioneer is to install a free-flowing exhaust and an ECU tuner to richen the air-fuel mixture. But there are plenty of heat shielding kits, footwell heat reflectors, and aluminized bubble wrap products available that can stop heat in its tracks before it can make its way into the cabin. The aftermarket accessory maker Design Engineering makes a great Honda Pioneer heat shielding kit that not only lowers the surface temperatures on the seats and central plastic panel, but also comes with heat shielding material for the rear footwell as well. And once it comes time to change your fluids / filters or conduct other maintenance undertakings, this premium, pre-fitted, heat shield package can be easily removed and reinstalled once you’ve finished the servicing of your machine!

A number of Honda Pioneer owners have found a great deal of success by using sticky-backed heat shields on the plastics, while others have opted to use heat wrap around their exhausts, mufflers, and header pipes. Regarding the latter, however, it is important to avoid wrapping heat tape around the header pipes on your Honda Pioneer, as doing so will shorten the lifespan of the headers by causing premature deterioration on the metal material. Nevertheless, be it to block seat heat or to deflect heat produced by the exhaust, you can’t go wrong with the Honda Pioneer heat shields from Everything Honda Offroad. And because we work closely with the industry’s leading UTV heat shield manufacturers, we are able to pass along unbeatable deals to our customers!

Whether you’re after some Thermo-Tec heat suppressors for the firewall of your Honda Pioneer 500, expandable foam weatherseal to prevent heat from slipping through the seat base and the pedestal in your Honda Pioneer 1000, or an in-bed heat shield to keep your beverages colder for longer in the cargo tray of your Honda Pioneer 700, we’ve got all the Honda Pioneer heat shielding accessories you need to beat the heat here at Everything Honda Offroad! In terms of comfort, maintaining a tolerable temperature in the cockpit of your side-by-side is crucial. And as far as performance goes, an overheating engine, exhaust, or clutch can not only destroy itself, but also deform, warp, or melt the surrounding components. The best way to prevent big problems is to fix them while they’re small problems. And with the heat shielding accessories from Everything Honda Offroad, fixing heat-related problems both big and small is as simple as click, ship, and install!

No matter where you live and how you ride, Honda Pioneer heat shields can enhance your off-road experience. Pioneers are notorious for heat-related troubles, but no matter how bad it gets, the friendly folks here at Everything Honda Offroad are here to help. You don’t have to fry your cheeks on the seats of your Pioneer when you’re wearing Daisy Dukes in the dead of summer, nor must your K9 companion suffer from a burning-hot floor in the bed of your UTV when he / she hops in for an early afternoon ride. With Honda Pioneer heat shield accessories from companies like Kolpin, Design Engineering, and many more, you know you’re in good hands when you buy through Everything Honda Offroad: the web’s preeminent aftermarket Honda Pioneer parts distributor. So don’t delay and pick up the perfect heat shield for your rig today!

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