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Stay warm this winter with a Honda Pioneer 1000 heater, a Honda PIoneer 700 heater, or a Honda Pioneer 500 heater from Everything Honda Offroad! We’ve got cab heaters and heater kits for the Honda Pioneer lineup with multiple vents, adjustable louvers, and built-in defrosters, as well as thermostat bypass valves for Honda PIoneer heaters to generate immense amounts of warmth both quickly and efficiently.

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Whether you’re riding in freezing rain or multiple inches of snow, staying warm and toasty in your UTV has never been easier. With a Honda Pioneer heater from Everything Honda Offroad, not only can you keep your cab warm, but you’ll also be able to defrost your windshield and keep your windows fog-free. We have portable-style heaters for those who ride in areas with short winters and permanent UTV heaters for those who want to blast the warmth year-round. Be it for hunting, plowing snow, or any winter work/play, a Honda Pioneer heater kit will make any ride a warm ride. Even those with cab enclosures find that, although their cab might not be freezing, it isn’t exactly warm either. The best cab enclosures still allow cold air to infiltrate through cracks and holes in the shifter knob, which is why units like the Ice Crusher cab heater or the Portable Little Buddy UTV heater are among our best-selling Honda Pioneer Heater kits. Sure an 8” radiator fan in the firewall down by your calves can take the edge off on a cold day, and cup holder heaters made for golf carts can be rigged to work. But if you’re battling the elements all day long in your Pioneer, a quality heating system can be your saving grace.

Permanent Honda Pioneer heater kits come with all the wiring and piping and the instructions required for an easy install. Many Honda heaters don’t come with switch plates or harnesses, but our heater kits leave nothing out. They come with multiple heating hoses, which you can direct at a location of your choosing. Run two heat hoses facing down towards your feet and two more facings up to defrost the windshield. Just note that when you’re filling the heater core with fluid, make sure to rock it back and forth to get all the air out of it. If your heating lines have air in them, the UTV heater won’t work properly.

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