Stay warm this winter with a Honda Pioneer 1000 heater, a Honda PIoneer 700 heater, or a Honda Pioneer 500 heater from Everything Honda Offroad! We’ve got cab heaters and heater kits for the Honda Pioneer lineup with multiple vents, adjustable louvers, and built-in defrosters, as well as thermostat bypass valves for Honda PIoneer heaters to generate immense amounts of warmth both quickly and efficiently.

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Cold temperatures are one of the biggest deterrents from riding UTVs during the winter. Freezing rain, snow, and frigid winds are enough to send most people packing and heading back home. Although full cab enclosures are great at blocking out wind and precipitation while trapping in body heat, they still leak cold air into the cabin through multiple small cracks that cannot be completely sealed. That’s why even the most hardened winter warriors will benefit from a quality Honda Pioneer heater kit. We have everything from simple plug-in heaters to full systems that will keep you warm, defrost your windshield, and keep your windows fog-free. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, year-round trail rider, or determined ranch hand, a Honda Pioneer heating system from will make your winter season much more tolerable.

People looking for something simple, easy, and effective should consider the Greene Mountain Outdoors 12V Heater with Swivel Base. This affordable plug-and-play Honda Pioneer heating kit can be installed onto your dash with simple tools in only a few minutes. The six-foot cord plugs directly into your UTV’s 12-volt socket, and the swivel base allows you to focus the heat wherever you want within the cabin. If you need a heat source for only a few weeks of the year, then this is an ideal option for you.

Owners wanting something with increased heat output that doesn’t require an extensive installation process should take a look at the Design Engineering Auxiliary Fan Kit. This unique Honda Pioneer heater kit doesn’t connect to the engine’s cooling system. Instead, owners use a digital display to set the desired fan activation temperature with a programmable thermostat. Rather than siphoning heat from coolant fluid, the auxiliary fan simply makes use of radiant heat from the engine and exhaust system.

If you want something that will keep you warm when temperatures plummet below freezing, then you’ll need a Honda Pioneer cab heater that connects to the engine cooling circuit. We have under seat cab heaters as well as cab heaters that are mounted in the engine bay. An assortment of options is available from Inferno Heaters, Rough Country, MotoAlliance, and Moose. Whether you have a Honda Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000, we have some form of cab heater available for your model. All of these Honda Pioneer heating systems come with the required hardware, mounting brackets, hoses, duct work, and electrical components needed to ensure they fit seamlessly into your UTV. Although slightly more complex to install, the benefits are worth the effort. Most options crank out heat with several thousand BTUs of energy, include rocker switch control panels, and come with multi-year warranties. Just as importantly, all of these Honda Pioneer cab heaters reliably defrost your windshields and windows to ensure you can drive safely in all winter conditions.

Lastly, you have the option of installing a premium Honda Pioneer heating system with the Tusk Heater Kit. This kit includes all the features of the cab heaters along with a voltmeter, switch plate, and wiring harness to consolidate all of your UTV’s electrical controls into a single source. If you’re looking for a one stop shop to upgrade your heating and electrical components, then the Tusk Heater Kit is the way to go.

One thing to keep in mind when installing any Honda Pioneer heater is the need to properly purge all air bubbles out of your entire engine cooling system. Heater cores are essentially mini radiators, so they need to be purged of air bubbles to ensure they work reliably and efficiently. Follow the recommended procedure in your owner’s manual as well as the Honda Pioneer heating kit instruction manual to ensure your system is purged and filled with coolant mixture to the correct level.

No matter which type of heating system you want, has a product available for your Honda Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000 model. We have dash-mounted systems, auxiliary fans, cab heaters, under seat heaters, and complete heater systems to help you stay warm when winter temperatures send other UTV enthusiasts back home. All of our heater options will keep you comfortably warm so you can stay on the trails and in the field as long as you want. Check out our wide selection of options today!

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