Hitches and Frame Support

Get Honda Pioneer hitches, hitch receivers, and hitch adapters as well as Honda Pioneer frame supports / frame strengtheners to handle the heaviest loads here at Everything Honda Offroad. We have bolt-on hitch plates and trailer hitches for the Honda Pioneer to accommodate tow balls and tow pins, as well as adjustable hitches, drop hitches, and 3-point hitches to run utility trailers, farming implements, and Honda Pioneer attachments like hitch-mounted winches and cargo racks.

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Your Honda Pioneer is good for a lot of things. While it is certainly great for fun off-road adventures, what the Honda Pioneer really excels at is being a work horse. Unlike other UTVs that are mainly designed for racing and trail riding, the Honda Pioneer is built with the engine strength and power needed for work on farms, ranches, and wherever else your job happens to be. This design focus makes the Honda Pioneer exceptionally great for hitch towing. Whether you’re the one towing or getting towed, finding the right hitch and hitch accessories for your Honda Pioneer is easy. It doesn’t matter if you use your Honda Pioneer as a work vehicle or a joy riding machine, you can always benefit from installing a front or rear hitch on your rig. And for the best UTV trailer hitches and frame supports, Honda Pioneer owners know where to turn. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we offer a variety of front and rear hitches, frame supports, and other hitch-related accessories. 

Getting stuck in the mud or sand happens, but there is a solution. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to make it out yourself, a front receiver hitch makes for the perfect anchor point needed to drag your Honda Pioneer out of any mud or sand pit. If you’re looking for a good front receiver hitch, check out the Honda Pioneer Front 2 Inch Receiver Hitch by KFI. This front receiver hitch is built with 3/16 inch grade 50 steel for serious towing capability and is powder coated black for maximum durability. For those who rely on their Honda Pioneer to get their work done, a rear hitch or tow ball can make for an easy and affordable upgrade in utility. Installing a rear hitch or tow ball on your Honda Pioneer takes only minutes, but the towing capability it gives you lasts a lifetime. Many farmers and ranchers have ditched their slow, oversized tractors in favor of a Honda Pioneer. The Honda Pioneer offers the same towing capability as a tractor but is much quicker and nimbler. The Honda Pioneer Trio HD 2” Hitch with Ball Mount by ATV TEK is great for towing tools like plows and drag mats, while the Honda Pioneer 2" ATV Chrome Tow Ball by Curt offers the extra strength you need to tow heavy trailers up to 2,000 lbs.

Want to equip your Honda Pioneer with towing capability but don’t know where to start? The Honda Pioneer Towing Starter Kit by Curt takes the hassle and guesswork out of upgrading your vehicle. Offering a ball mount, trailer ball, hitch pin and clip, hitch lock, and a rubber receiver tube cover, this kit allows you to avoid searching the internet for individual components by giving your Honda Pioneer everything it needs for towing in one easy order.

At Everything Honda Offroad, we are also proud to offer a wide variety of hitch accessories. You can’t tow anything without a good clevis pin. Browse our selection of clevis pins by Curt for some of the best in the industry. You also can’t tow heavy tools and trailers without adding extra stress to your Honda Pioneer and its frame. Luckily, there is a way to negate some if not all of this added stress. SuperATV makes Honda Pioneer frame supports that significantly reduce the pressure that towing adds to your Honda Pioneer’s frame. A frame support is easy to install and is the perfect way to bolster the integrity of your Honda Pioneer whether you’re towing or not.

Whether you use it for business or pleasure, every Honda Pioneer needs a good hitch. Stop stressing about getting stuck in the mud or sand by ordering a good front receiver hitch for your Honda Pioneer. Say goodbye to that old tractor and make towing farm tools easier than ever before by installing one of our many rear tow balls. Use your Honda Pioneer to pull the heaviest trailers up to 7,500 lbs. by ordering one of our towing starter kits by Curt. If you’ve realized it’s time to give your Honda Pioneer the good quality hitch it needs, look no further than our selection at Everything Honda Offroad.

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