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Keep your Honda side-by-side in proper working order with the Honda Pioneer oil change kits, Honda Pioneer oil filters, and Honda Pioneer fluids from Everything Honda Offroad! As well as Honda Pioneer transmission fluid and Honda Pioneer radiator fluid, we also sell Honda Pioneer air filters, Honda Pioneer fuel filters, and Honda Pioneer oil types in weights / consistencies such as 10W-30, 0W-40, synthetic, and conventional.

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As a Honda Pioneer owner, there are some things you can count on. Changing your Honda Pioneer’s oil, oil filter, air filter, transmission fluid, and every other type of fluid and filter every so often are just some of them. The regularity and (relative) simplicity of these tasks lead many to underestimate their importance. Your Honda Pioneer’s oil and fluids are its lifeblood, and filters are your Honda Pioneer’s white blood cells. Without them, you simply cannot reach the high levels of off-road riding performance and workman-like reliability the Honda Pioneer was engineered to offer. This is why every good Honda Pioneer owner knows spending money on the best engine oil, fluids, and filters is always an investment worth making. At Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll find no shortage of industry-leading Honda Pioneer oil, fluids, and filters.

From fuel additives and radiator fluids to complete oil change kits for the Honda Pioneer that include engine oil, transmission oil, and oil filters, Everything Honda Offroad has the stuff you need to properly maintain your Honda Pioneer side-by-side and keep it running for years. Our Honda Pioneer oil change kits are one of our most popular products. Honda Pioneer oil change kits make changing your Honda Pioneer’s engine oil easier than ever before. There’s no reason to pay someone to change your engine oil or, even worse, beg your family or friends when you can get everything you need to do the job yourself in one easy order. Is your Honda Pioneer a manual? If you’re looking for a good oil change kit, you really can’t go wrong with the Honda Pioneer Oil Change Kit for Non-Automatic Engine by Kolpin Powersports. This kit provides excellent engine protection with an anti-drain back valve that protects against dry engine starts.

Do you live up north? If your Honda Pioneer’s off-road adventures involve snow, we have an easy way to make sure your Honda Pioneer is optimized this winter. At Everything Honda Offroad, we have the best special cold-weather oil like the Pro Honda HP4 0W-30 oil. While you should always make sure to let your Honda Pioneer 700 warm up as per the instructions in the owner’s manual, using cold weather oil will help prevent your Honda Pioneer’s wet clutch from slipping in the transmission during takeoff and when hill climbing. Synthetic Rotella T6 oil is popular among Honda Pioneer owners, and other JASO-rated oils can work in the Honda Pioneer 700 where the engine and transmission run together and transfer oil between each other while riding. Honda Pioneer 0W-40 oil as well as 10W-40 oils work in the Pioneer 700 as long as they’re SJ-grade, just make sure not to use any eco or re-gen oils. Use a semi or full synthetic motorcycle or racing oil, or a regular semi or full synthetic oil with a zinc additive. The reason for this is because you’re lubricating more than a motor. This same oil is shared with the transmission, where gear-on-gear friction, also known as shear, requires a higher zinc content than cam or crank bearings that create rolling friction. If in doubt, though, you can’t go wrong with Honda GNF oils purpose-designed for vehicles like your very own Honda Pioneer.

The proper way to change the engine oil and other fluids in your Honda Pioneer will depend on the specific Honda Pioneer edition you own. The process for the Honda Pioneer 1000 — which has both high and low ranges — isn’t the same as the process for the Honda Pioneer 700. This is because the latter lacks a sub transmission. But whichever Honda Pioneer model you happen to own, making sure that all the fluids are topped off, the air and oil filters are fresh, and the oils are offering you peak engine performance is important. Without this, you won’t get to experience what your Honda Pioneer is fully capable of. It’s time you stop settling for the cheap, bottom shelf Honda Pioneer engine oil, fluids, and filters. So whether it’s some Klutz differential fluid for your Honda Pioneer 500, or some 10W-40 Mobil 1 4T full synthetic oil designed for wet clutch use, you’ll find all the appropriate fluids, filters, and oils for every Honda Pioneer model under the sun here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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