Portal Gear Lifts

At Everything Honda Offroad, we have a variety of portal gear lifts available for the Honda Pioneer 1000, Honda Pioneer 700, and Honda Pioneer 500. These gear lifts are a 15-45% gear reduction that replaces the hub of a UTV and allows riders to run bigger tires without losing all their torque. Portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer come in two sizes, 4" and 6". If you're looking for even more height, some Honda Pioneer portals can be paired with traditional bracket lifts / long-travel suspension kits to raise the machine even further off the ground. Unlike bracket and suspension lifts, portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer maintain the stock axles and stock axle angles, which can help to remedy issues with broken axles or axle ends that pop out of the differentials. We also offer aftermarket parts that can strengthen your rig and prevent any issues that may come with using Honda Pioneer portals. Choose the right portal gear lift for your machine and improve your off-roading experience!

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