Portal Gear Lifts

If you’re considering a portal gear lift for your Honda Pioneer 1000, Honda Pioneer 700, or Honda Pioneer 500, you are at the right place! Here at Everything Honda Offroad, our selection of Honda Pioneer portals is second to none. For those who don’t know, portal gear lifts are a 15-45% gear reduction that replaces the hub of a UTV and allows riders to run bigger tires without losing all their torque. Side-by-side portals generally come in three discrete sizes, four inches, six inches, and eight inches -- with these figures indicating the amount of lift that each portal kit provides. For the Honda Pioneer, 4” and 6” portal gear lifts are available. But if that’s not enough height for you, some Honda Pioneer portals can be paired with traditional bracket lifts / long-travel suspension kits to raise the machine even further off the ground. Unlike bracket and suspension lifts, portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer maintain the stock axles and stock axle angles. So if you’ve had issues in the past with broken axles or axle ends that pop out of the differentials, a Honda Pioneer portal gear lift can remedy these problems. Regardless of why you’re interested in Honda Pioneer portals, we can sort you out with the right portal gear lift for you and your machine here at Everything Honda Offroad!

Anyone with 30” tires can agree that the added weight of such a setup puts a good amount of strain on both the clutches and the motor of the Honda Pioneer. However, with a portal gear lift, you can choose between either a 30% or 40% gear reduction to bring back the horsepower and torque that you lost after installing bigger tires. Aftermarket UTV part makers like SuperATV and Outkast Fabworx have developed portal gear lifts for the P1K, P700, and P500 that are absolutely amazing. That being said, however, running bigger tires with the help of Honda Pioneer portals does put added stress on components like steering racks, tie rods, ball joints, and frame tabs. But just because your parts are stressed, doesn’t mean you have to, because with some Keller ball joints, HD tie rods, an RB3 billet steering rack, and CC portal brackets, you can cheaply and easily strengthen your rig and preemptively prevent any issues that Honda Pioneer portals may cause. Don’t wait and pick up a portal gear lift for your Honda Pioneer today!

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