Portal Gear Lifts

At Everything Honda Offroad, we have a variety of portal gear lifts available for the Honda Pioneer 1000, Honda Pioneer 700, and Honda Pioneer 500. These gear lifts are a 15-45% gear reduction that replaces the hub of a UTV and allows riders to run bigger tires without losing all their torque. Portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer come in two sizes, 4" and 6". If you're looking for even more height, some Honda Pioneer portals can be paired with traditional bracket lifts / long-travel suspension kits to raise the machine even further off the ground. Unlike bracket and suspension lifts, portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer maintain the stock axles and stock axle angles, which can help to remedy issues with broken axles or axle ends that pop out of the differentials. We also offer aftermarket parts that can strengthen your rig and prevent any issues that may come with using Honda Pioneer portals. Choose the right portal gear lift for your machine and improve your off-roading experience!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Honda Pioneer Portal Gear Lifts?

Types of Honda Pioneer Portal Gear Lifts

The Honda Pioneer can indeed benefit from portal gear lifts since these lifts not only increase ground clearance but also enhance off-road capabilities. 

Similar to those used in high clearance off-roading, traditional portal gear lifts involve a gear reduction hub mounted externally on the wheel hub. 

This design particularly benefits the Honda Pioneer when navigating tough terrains or hauling heavy equipment. 

Their durability and enhancement in ground clearance make them a favored choice for those who regularly engage in challenging off-road activities.

Another option is the Gear Driven Performance (GDP) style lifts which feature an internal gearbox, which results in a more efficient power transfer, maintaining the Pioneer's original powertrain cohesion. 

This type of lift can offer the dual benefits of heightened clearance and maintained top speed, all while operating more quietly. 

Though these lifts can be more costly, their seamless integration and performance enhancement make them an attractive option for Honda Pioneer owners seeking premium upgrades.

The Right Gear Ratio

The gear ratio in portal gear lifts is a critical aspect to consider when going for a portal gear lift.

It influences the additional ground clearance and the power delivery of the Honda Pioneer. 

A higher gear ratio means more clearance but can affect the vehicle's top speed, agility, and responsiveness. 

Finding the right balance based on your specific needs, whether it’s prioritizing height for tougher terrains or maintaining speed for a more versatile use, is crucial.

Build Materials and Durability

In terms of build materials and durability, portal gear lifts for the Honda Pioneer should ideally be made of materials like galvanized steel as these are extremely durable and perfect for off-road use.

Additionally, considering the axles is important, as they often bear the increased load and torque.

Materials like chromoly steel are commonly used for their strength and durability, ensuring that the lift can endure the demanding environments the Honda Pioneer is often exposed to.

In summary, when outfitting a Honda Pioneer with portal gear lifts, it's important to consider the type of lift that aligns with your off-roading style and needs, the gear ratio that balances clearance with performance, and the build quality to ensure durability and reliability in challenging terrains.