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If you bought a non-EPS Honda Pioneer and are wanting to install a Honda Pioneer power steering kit, or if you’re experiencing Honda Pioneer 1000 power steering problems and need some replacement parts for a quick and inexpensive fix, we’re here to assist you at Everything Honda Offroad. With Honda Pioneer 500 power steering kits, Honda Pioneer 700 power steering kits, and Honda Pioneer 1000 power steering kits from industry-leading firms like SuperATV, Everything Honda Offroad has what you need to mitigate jerkeyness and eliminate bump-steer for an easy and effortless steering action!

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Believe it or not, not everyone is looking for an arm workout when they go out riding in their Honda Pioneer. If your arms are sore and turning your steering wheel is a struggle by the time you make it home, it’s time to consider upgrading your Honda Pioneer with power steering. It isn’t hard to understand how big of a difference this upgrade would make to your Honda Pioneer, but some owners mistakenly think equipping your Honda Pioneer with power steering is difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Everything Honda Offroad, we have a great selection of Honda Pioneer power steering kits that offer every single component and piece of hardware you need to upgrade your Honda Pioneer with power steering in one easy and affordable order.

Ask anyone who installed a power steering kit in their Honda Pioneer, and they’ll likely tell you that it’s one of the best upgrades you can possibly buy. Sure, you might be able to get some steering benefits from inflating or deflating your Honda Pioneer’s tires and adding a steering knob, but on bumpy trails, slushy snow, and thick peanut-butter mud, a few hours of steering your Honda Pioneer is tantamount to a few hours pumping iron in the gym. Even for Honda Pioneer owners with strong arms, however, power steering kits not only make riding easier, but they also improve rider performance and safety. After all, you use your Honda Pioneer to accomplish feats that your legs cannot. So why be a macho man and refuse the benefits of a Honda Pioneer power steering kit? Say farewell to bump steer and usher in smoother and easier steering action with power steering in your Honda Pioneer. Having power steering in your Honda Pioneer is also great for the family! Power steering makes teaching the little ones how to drive so much easier. All of your kids and less-muscular friends and family will be thrilled when you tell them they no longer have to huff and puff to navigate the Honda Pioneer through the trees.

Some editions of the Honda Pioneer come stock with power steering. But don’t fret if yours did not, as you’re not the only one. An aftermarket power steering kit for the Honda Pioneer — such as the EZ Steer kit by SuperATV — can be easily installed in a few hours without needing to take the dash out. Instead, all you need to do is simply just slide it back and remove the hood and fenders. If your Honda Pioneer has a front lift, you may have to take it off to install the mounting bracket for the power steering unit. Regardless of the other aftermarket upgrades and modifications you run on your Honda Pioneer, you’ll need to trim some plastic by the top where the unit sits, as well as by the steering knuckle.

All in all, though, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to install power steering on your Honda Pioneer with a friend or two lending a hand. There are so many upgrades you can make to your Honda Pioneer. Flipping the seatback on your Honda Pioneer is the cheapest upgrade you can make, while things like shocks are guaranteed to make your ride smoother. While these upgrades make a difference, there’s really no Honda Pioneer upgrade that can hold a candle to power steering kits. Most Honda Pioneer owners will agree and tell you that power steering is hands down the best upgrade you can make to your machine. After finally biting the bullet and making the upgrade, most end up kicking themselves for not doing it right off the bat! You should see the relief of Honda Pioneer owners when they realize going out for a simple drive no longer requires an arm workout. While you may not need to steer your Honda Pioneer with your pinky, by installing a Honda Pioneer power steering kit you definitely can!

Are you ready to make off-road excursions in your Honda Pioneer easier, less tiring, and more enjoyable? Spend some time browsing our selection at Everything Honda Offroad and pull the trigger on a power steering kit today!

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