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With Honda Pioneer 1000 rack and pinion replacements, Honda Pioneer 700 rack and pinion kits, and aftermarket Honda PIoneer 500 rack and pinion assemblies, Everything Honda Offroad is the destination of choice for riders in need of steering racks, pinion gears, or complete Honda Pioneer rack and pinion upgrades. It doesn’t matter if your existing Honda Pioneer steering rack is sloppy and full of slack, or if the pinion teeth in your Honda Pioneer steering gearbox are ground down and chipped up, we’ve got the perfect Honda Pioneer racks and pinions for you here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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It’s hard to find many things to complain about the Honda Pioneer. The Honda Pioneer manages to strike a balance between work and play that no other UTV does. But of course, nothing is perfect. An unfortunate complaint we have heard time and again from owners is problems caused by the Honda Pioneer’s steering rack and pinion. When Honda built the Pioneer, they cut corners on some things. The Honda Pioneer’s steering rack and pinion is one of those. Your OEM rack and pinion were not built to last. It’s a shame, but that’s why we have so many Honda Pioneer owners coming to us looking to replace their broken OEM rack and pinion. Lucky for them, we have the solution.

For those who continually bend their steering racks or those looking to proactively modify their Honda Pioneer to preemptively solve any possible steering rack and pinion issue, stronger steering racks and pinion gears can be installed. Billet steering racks for the Honda Pioneer are much stronger than stock steering racks, and they can be found with various gear ratios to work with any year or edition of the Honda Pioneer. In conjunction with bigger tie rods and heim joints, a stronger steering rack can make a world of difference for riders running heavy tires, wheel spacers, or snow tracks. That’s why for those owners who can’t resist a nice aftermarket upgrade to their Honda Pioneers, our heavy-duty steering racks and pinions are a must have. If you don’t push your machine to its limits, an OEM Honda Pioneer steering rack and pinion might be all you need. Furthermore, if something in the rack and pinion brakes or malfunctions, you may not need a complete steering rack and pinion replacement kit. At Everything Honda Offroad, we offer the individual parts and components you need to repair your steering rack and pinion such as boots and bushings without wasting money on an entire rack and pinion kit. For instance, gear replacements can be installed if your steering is slipping or jumping teeth, and alignments can be undergone for steering racks that are out of phase. Whatever the case may be for you and your Pioneer though, Everything Honda Offroad is sure to have the appropriate solution for all of your UTV steering issues and malfunctions.

Premature failure of the Honda Pioneer’s steering rack and pinion isn’t the only issue we hear about from owners. Another common issue we hear about with the steering rack and pinion involves aftermarket modifications and accessories Honda Pioneer owners like to make on their vehicles. While aftermarket modifications and accessories like a lift kit and bigger tires are great, they add extra stress to your vehicle. This added stress accumulates in sensitive and vulnerable areas of your Honda Pioneer. One of these sensitive and vulnerable areas on your Honda Pioneer, especially with big tires and lifts, is the steering rack and pinion. If you rely on your Honda Pioneer’s OEM steering rack and pinion while enjoying big tires and lifts, you are bound to run into trouble.

Other aftermarket modifications such as portals are rough on the steering rack of the Honda Pioneer. But even if you’re running a stock machine, your Honda Pioneer rack and pinion is still at risk. Accidents on the trail, overloading, and even natural wear and tear can bend or fracture steering racks, grind down or break pinion gear teeth, and cause various issues within the rack and pinion steering box. For example, if your steering wheel turns but the tires do not, your steering rack and pinion is the first place you should look — especially if you feel popping or hear clicking noises when you turn the steering wheel. There is a tension nut on the rack and pinion that is often the cause of such issues. You can tighten it down, which may be all you need to get you up and running again. Simple fixes like this, however, are not always possible, and your machine may require a rack and pinion replacement.

Don’t let a busted steering rack and pinion stop you from using your Honda Pioneer for what you got it for. Browse our wide selection of Honda Pioneer steering rack and pinion parts and accessories for everything you need.

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