Some members of the Honda Pioneer owners club like to pontificate that driver issues cause clutch issues. And in some cases, this is correct. If you bent the rear hitch on your Honda Pioneer to a 45-degree angle attempting to move a mobile home, you’re probably going to damage the clutch. But even casual riders who hit hills, sand bars, mud, and highways may need some clutching work done on their machine. Add things like tracks and monster aftermarket tires to a Honda Pioneer, and clutch adjustments definitely account for the added torque requirements. So if the clutch slips when you’re going into 4th gear in your Honda Pioneer 700, you went a little too hard pulling your buddy’s Ranger out of a mud hole, or something else happened to damage or diminish the performance of your Honda Pioneer clutch, or it’s component clutching mechanisms, we’ve got what you need here at Everything Honda Offroad. Sure, you could go to manual shift and not notice your slipping clutch, using the machine like it’s in sport mode with higher RPM shift changes. But do this, and you risk the possibility of burning the clutch pack all the way out — that debris is going to go through oil journals, bearings, and who knows what else. Furthermore, if you have a bracket lift, wheel spacers, and other aftermarket modifications that aren’t covered by your warranty, you may have to pay for these repairs out of pocket.

Run the right oil and change it when you’re supposed to, and your Honda Pioneer clutch should run forever. However, in addition to driver error, there are many ways the clutching in a Honda Pioneer could go bad. For example, the clutch solenoid cuts out below 12v, allowing the clutch to slip. So if you’re winching, turning the tires, running a light bar, and blasting the stereo all at the same time, poof will go your clutch when it drops below 12v — it can happen in an instant before you know what hit you. Similarly, if you’re not using low range when you should be, your Honda Pioneer clutch will prematurely fail. Whatever the reason, we here at Everything Honda Pioneer have the replacement clutch packs and other clutch-related replacements to make your clutch rock solid.

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