Cooling System

There are many aspects of the Honda Pioneer cooling system that must all work in conjunction to ensure that your machine’s engine does not overheat. Like the human heart, the radiator is the primary organ of the Honda Pioneer cooling system. Like the heart, without things such as coolant lines, temperature sensors, and water pumps, the Honda Pioneer's radiator would cease to function. For this reason, in addition to keeping a clean and well-managed radiator, it is also important for Honda Pioneer owners to maintain the other engine-cooling elements of their side-by-side. Cooling lines, for example, are the lifeblood of the Honda Pioneer cooling system. If you neglect to refill the coolant reservoir or get air bubbles in your Honda Pioneer’s cooling lines, you’re sure to overheat your engine. Honda mechanics suggest that you should run your machine after you fill the radiator until the fans turn on, then top it off by adding coolant to the reservoir.

With regards to Honda Pioneer coolants, experienced riders know that any liquid-cooled motor — such as the ones in Honda Pioneers — runs well below boiling temperatures. And due to the liquid being under pressure in the cooling system, it takes much higher temperatures to cause it to boil. The only time any liquid would boil in the cooling system is if the thermostat was broken and not allowing fluid to circulate to the radiator. For this reason, if you’re in a pinch, you can add distilled water to your coolant. After all, antifreeze is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. But make sure to either use it up or syphon it out before winter, as colder temperatures will freeze water to ice. Air bubbles, too, will give you problems if they find their way into your cooling system lines. There is a screw under the front seat on the front of the motor that can be unscrewed while bleeding the lines to get the air out of your coolant lines. Alternatively, you could also just pull your Pioneer up a hill on an incline and “burb” the lines. But whatever issues you’re having with your Honda Pioneer cooling system, we’ve got the right solutions at Everything Honda Offroad.

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