Fuel / Intake

If you have a Honda Pioneer, you know how important it is to keep water out of your fuel and air intake. Everything Honda Offroad offers parts to help you do just that. Our aftermarket intakes have chambers to dampen reverberations and prevent water from getting into your intakes. If your fuel lines and fuel tank vent are not protected from water infiltration, it is important to make the appropriate modifications before venturing out to water hazards. If water does get into your fuel tank, siphoning the gas out and putting new gas in is a good measure to take. Fuel products like Heat or Sea Foam can also help with fuel that has water mixed in and prevent fuel lines from freezing in winter. Everything Honda Offroad has the fuel and intake parts for your Honda Pioneer, whether you have the Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000. Check out our top selling categories on our website, and shop 2019 and 2020 models for Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700-4 fuel/intake replacement parts now.

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