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Water is the bane of any fuel intake, fuel vent tube, air intake, and pretty much all other intakes and fuel-related systems in the Honda Pioneer. So whether you’re trying to keep water out of your fuel and air intake, or need other fuel-related components such as fuel pumps or injectors, Everything Honda Offroad has the fuel and intake parts for your side-by-side. If you’ve ever taken a look at the air or other intakes of your Honda Pioneer, you’ll likely have noticed that they’re built with chambers in them. These chambers not only assist with noise mitigation and air balance — helping to supply air for a short period of time if, for some reason, the air intake gets blocked — but they also prevent water from getting in the intakes and dampen reverberations. The aftermarket Honda Pioneer intakes you’ll find here also have these chambers. Furthermore, our intakes are made exclusively for the Honda Pioneer lineup, so it doesn’t matter if you have the Honda Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000, our intakes will work with your machine.

Many riders like to extend the height of their stock air intake to better handle water hazards. You can remove the cap from the factory intake and add length to raise it up to roof level. Protecting the fuel lines and fuel tank vent from water infiltration is also important. If you’re not the type of rider that eases into mud holes, but rather, charges through full-speed-ahead to avoid getting stuck, making the appropriate modifications to your machine’s intake and fuel vents will be your saving grace. Should you find yourself in an un-snorkeled Honda Pioneer, struggling to make it through a waist-level mud pit, chances are water will get into your fuel tank through the external vent hose. Siphoning the gas out and putting new gas in is a good measure to take, or you can unhook the fuel line from the intake and cycle the key on and off until the fuel is empty. You should also add something like Sea Foam to your gas after encountering water. Let it sit for a bit, then let er’ rip, you should be good to go. Similarly, a lot of tractor and farm equipment places sell a good gas treatment product called Heat, which helps deal with waterlogged and brackish gasoline. Because even if you drained the tank, there is still usually contaminated fuel in the fuel lines. A fuel product like Heat will not only help with fuel with water mixed in, but it is also designed to prevent fuel lines from freezing in the winter. Should your fuel get diluted, or your intakes need replacing, Everything Honda Offroad is here to help!

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