Rear Drive Line / Suspension

Be it a U-joint replacement for the rear drive line on the Honda Pioneer, some 90w-140 synthetic lubricant for the square-cut gears in the rear gearbox brake, or rear suspension for the Honda Pioneer, whatever you need, we’re likely to have it at Everything Honda Pioneer. Improper maintenance and drivers who ride beyond their ability can damage the rear drive line. And depending on the extent of the damage, rear drive line repairs or replacement rear drive lines may be necessary. Regarding the former, things like bearings and drive line knuckle assemblies can be swapped out, and joints, circular clamps, and inboard boots can be replaced with new ones without having to get an entirely new Honda Pioneer drive line. Similarly, the rear drive line braking system can also slip a little — especially on loose terrain. Unlike the squealing noise that is typical of worn-out brake pads, the ratcheting/grinding sound is normal on rear driveline brakes. Any vehicle with rear driveline brakes will occasionally make ratcheting sounds, but this noise becomes particularly salient in UTVs like the Honda Pioneer because the rear brakes are on a separate system than the front brakes.

Similar to the rear drive line, the rear suspension in your Honda Pioneer contributes greatly to the feel and ride of your UTV. If you’re re-graveling roads with your Pioneer, hauling out a big ol’ buck during hunting season, or riding around with your fat friends in the back seat, your rear suspension is going to sag. Companies like 814 UTV Suspension and others make a variety of suspension systems for the Honda Pioneer, including long travel kits for more clearance as well as kits with dual coil overs to prevent your suspension from bottoming out. We have adjustable rear suspension setups for the Honda Pioneer and rear suspension kits with external reservoirs. It doesn’t matter if you use your Honda Pioneer with or without the stock sway bar, our rear suspension setups will give you more flexibility, more cushion, and a plusher ride regardless. Add an aftermarket rear drive line or a drive line sub-component, and like a well-aimed arrow, you’ll ride forth straight and true.

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