Aside from power steering, you can add several other accessories to your Honda Pioneer to improve its steering ability. Aftermarket steering wheels are an option, but things like beefed-up steering racks and replacement steering columns are also important. Regarding the former, many non-OEM steering wheels are compatible with the Honda Pioneer. However, if they don’t fit the Pioneer hub, you’ll need to either adjust the steering shaft or get a steering wheel adapter. DragonFire Racing makes a quick-detach steering wheel kit that works great in the Honda Pioneer. You’ll have to cut it down a little, but many riders prefer the feel of the DragonFire wheel over stock steering wheels. Aftermarket steering wheels can also come with built-in horns and button clusters to keep your horn or PTT button within easy reach. One thing you should be cognizant of, however, is that some aftermarket Honda Pioneer steering wheels might change the placement of the wheel in relation to the paddles — making them either too close or too far away for some riders’ liking.

In addition to aftermarket steering wheels, correcting uncentered and unaligned Honda Pioneer steering wheels is another thing that will improve your Honda Pioneer’s steering. You can try to just pull the steering wheel off and install it straight again by removing the center plastic cap and loosening the nut underneath it. Many dealer prep guys are in such a hurry that they just put them on without paying attention to detail, so this quick fix can often solve alignment issues. If you’ve had your Pioneer for a while and steering alignment issues just popped up out of nowhere, you can start by readjusting the steering wheel, but the problem might stem from the tie rods being bent or out of whack. By centering the steering wheel alone, you may find that you turn sharper in one direction than the other. Ergo, just like in a car, if the alignment of your Honda Pioneer steering is off, you should start by finding the center of your steering rack by turning your wheel all the way left, then all the way to the right, all the while counting the number of times the steering wheel rotates. Divide this number by two to find the center of your steering shaft, hold the wheel in place, and adjust the tie rod ends to straighten your front wheels. You can use a string off the back wheels to square it up and make sure everything is nice and plum. Pedantic riders and those with UTV OCD would never tolerate a misaligned steering wheel, and neither should you. But regardless of what steering-related parts and accessories you need to set your Honda Pioneer steering system straight, at Everything Honda Offroad, our steering equipment for the Honda Pioneer won’t fail.

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