Tools / Accessories

You own a Honda Pioneer, so tools might not be as vital for you as they are for Polaris owners. But even machines like the Honda Pioneer — which are notorious for their durability and dependability — can breakdown over time and require repairs. After all, even the best driver is only human, and mistakes made in the field come with higher consequences than ones made closer to home. So regardless of whether you’re putting around your property plinking prairie dogs, logging the tree line around your cabin for fire prevention, or trail riding with your family for fun, it’s always smart to bring common tools along that you might need in the event of a mechanical failure or accident. Quick-fix supplies such as plug kits and tire pumps are good things to have during rides if you aren’t toting a spare tire, while socket and wrench sets are tools that you should always have in your Honda Pioneer. Further tools that you should keep in your Honda Pioneer’s toolbox are a variety of zip ties, tape, and a 4-way lug wrench. However, whatever you do, if you’re riding with a fully-stocked toolbox, make sure to lock it up and tie it down securely — heavy metal tools make dangerous projectiles if you roll or crash your rig.

In addition to tools that you bring on the trail during rides, we here at Everything Honda Offroad also offer some UTV-specific tools for general maintenance and special accessories. Honda Pioneer axle boots, for example, are installed with one-time use crimp clamps. While you can cut them off without any special tools, a specific tool is required to put a new one on. Some riders use zip ties when they’re in a pinch, and however, if they’re not secured properly, zip ties can allow water and mud to enter the bearing and axle boot. Changing the front axle itself is also a pain in the butt. You need a ball joint tool, a 17mm wrench, and a 1 1/4 socket for the axle nut. While the latter two are common tools that anyone who does simple repairs should have laying around, the ball joint tool is more esoteric and less common. Whether you’re doing field repairs or DIY modifications in your garage at home, if you need tools for your Honda Pioneer, Everything Honda Offroad is the best place to get them.

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