Tools / Accessories

As the owner of a Honda Pioneer, you may not need tools as frequently as Polaris owners do. Nevertheless, even robust machines like the Honda Pioneer can experience faults and require repairs. Whether you're using it for recreational activities or work purposes, carrying common tools in case of any mechanical mishap is always a wise decision. For instance, plug kits and tire pumps, socket and wrench sets, zip ties, tape, and a 4-way lug wrench should be an essential part of your Honda Pioneer’s toolkit. However, ensure that you securely lock and tie down your toolbox to prevent heavy tools from becoming dangerous projectiles in the event of a collision or overturning. Aside from these common tools, Everything Honda Offroad offers UTV-specific tools for maintenance and accessories. A ball joint tool, 17mm wrench, and a 1 1/4 socket for the axle nut are commonly used to change the front axle, while Honda Pioneer axle boots use specific tools that we offer. Get your Honda Pioneer tools from Everything Honda Offroad for field repairs or DIY modifications at home.

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