Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Things are bound to get bumpy when off-roading, so do right by your passengers and install some Honda Pioneer roll bar handles / grab handles from Everything Honda Offroad! We offer grab handles and grab bars for every year, model, and edition of the Honda Pioneer, so regardless of whether you own a Pioneer 500, a Pioneer 700, or a Pioneer 1000, we have the perfect grab handles for you at Everything Honda Offroad!

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There’s no such thing as over-preparing when it comes to fortifying your Honda Pioneer with important safety features, but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to settle for products that impede performance, fun, or your budget. We don’t think it’s too much to ask for all of the above, which is why our selection of Honda Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000 roll bar handles and grab handles at Everything Honda Offroad is filled with products that perfectly balance safety, practicality, and affordability. Even if you fancy yourself as more of a no-nonsense, A-to-B kind of UTV driver, the weather and/or terrain are always eager to surprise. For these situations, a simple but sturdy grab handle can make the difference between bouncing comfortably in your seat and thrashing around like a kite in the wind.  

Our Honda Pioneer grab handles are engineered to go virtually anywhere you want them, both on your roll bar and even to other attachment points on your interior, so you can perfectly accommodate yourself and whoever you want to bring along. Make no mistake, though they’ll go anywhere when you’re moving them, these Honda Pioneer 500 grab handles will stick like no other once you’ve secured them. We mean it - they’re fortified with extremely strong mounting materials, whether we’re talking heavy-duty fabric, machined aluminum, and more, to ensure they stay secure no matter what. This particular feature in Honda Pioneer 500, 700, or 1000 grab handles is extremely important in two common scenarios. First, if that handle is a-twisting and a-sliding all over the place while your vehicle trots along, you or your passengers may grab for it and miss. If you’ve overcommitted your weight, this could turn into a very uncomfortable or even dangerous situation as you lean hard out of the car with nothing to grab onto. Second, even if you do successfully grab the handle in a moment of “fun” (“panic” is not a great marketing term), the last thing you want is for it to slide all over the place. To meet these basic, but very important needs, we simply do not allow flimsy Honda Pioneer grab handles into our collection - it’s as simple as that! 

Now, if you’re as obsessed with maximizing utility per square inch in your Honda Pioneer as certain unnamed members of our team are, then you may already be workshopping some ideas in your mind on how to double up grab handles with another accessory. Well, you can put the lab coat away, Doc, because we’re already featuring several grab handles with additional utility built in that doesn’t sacrifice safety or convenience. A perfect example is a lighted roll bar grab handle for your Everything Honda Pioneer. You can silence the gimmick alarm, because this product is every bit as tough as our non-lighted grab handles with the addition of a battery-operated LED with manual off switch so you can save power and use it when you need it. It’s a double-whammy in the safety and convenience departments, allowing your passengers stability and visibility for night riding and day riding alike.

 Speaking of, we as UTV enthusiasts are proud to bring you a safety accessory that adds a welcoming touch to your vehicle. For some people, a well-placed Honda Pioneer grab handle is a nice convenience, but for others, it’s a necessity for even going on the trip in the first place. If you or any of your passengers need a grab handle to get in and out of a Honda Pioneer, then by all means, we will do everything we can to keep you riding. Because UTVs are awesome, everyone deserves to enjoy them, and it’s always better with company. Cheesy interlude aside, we’ve got grab handles for Honda Pioneer 500s, 700s, 1000s, and more that will come on and off in seconds and stay put for years. From machined aluminum quick-release clamps to insanely strong fabrics (including paracord), everything you could possibly want in this simple but integral safety feature is represented in our collection. Have a browse of our Honda Pioneer 700 and 1000 grab handles, let us know if you have any questions, and hit the road without leaving anyone out.

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