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People love the Honda Pioneers because of its versatility. You can take them down exciting off-road trails in the morning and then go work the fields with them in the evenings. You can charge up some steep hills, and then pull a plow with them to get ready for planting season. Regardless of whether you use your Honda Pioneer for work or play, keeping yourself and your passengers safe should always be your number one priority. Unfortunately, Honda didn’t make safety as big of a priority as they should have when they designed the Pioneer. The Honda Pioneer comes with stock seat belts that are neither comfortable nor completely safe. They may be enough for when you accidentally drive into a small ditch while out working your fields, but if you happen to flip while speeding down an off-road trail, good luck! This is why people come to Everything Honda Offroad for Honda Pioneer safety and seat belt accessories like harnesses, seat belt buckles, seat belt extenders, seat belt overrides, and much more.

While the Honda Pioneer’s OEM seat belts offer a basic level of protection, aftermarket 4 and 5-point harnesses go much further and offer off-road riders the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are completely protected no matter what happens. And with brands such as Brick City Fab, Pro Armor, as well as many other leading providers of Honda Pioneer safety accessories, we here at Everything Honda Offroad offer the Honda Pioneer harnesses you can trust your and your passenger’s lives with. Whether it's Dragonfire EVO harnesses in your Honda Pioneer 1000, some Tusk 4-point harnesses in your 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4, or a harness attached to an aftermarket harness bar in your Honda Pioneer 500, you’re guaranteed to find the right UTV harness for both safety and comfort at Everything Honda Offroad. When it comes to UTV harnesses, we believe comfort is just as important as safety. A harness might save your life if you happen to wreck your Honda Pioneer, but if it doesn’t fit right or restricts your movement you might be more likely to crash in the first place.

When riders don’t want to leave anything to chance, they often go with 4-point seat belts or 5-point seat belts with a Honda Pioneer harness bar. The safest Honda Pioneer harness kits, such as the Honda Pioneer Pro Armor Harness Kit, need to be mounted on a harness bar that integrates with the stock roll cage and headrest cross bars. You don’t want anything to protrude past the head rest or the back of the seat, so you need a harness bar that is designed around the stock roll cage and interior. Through the use of a harness bar, you can not only mount standard 4-point harnesses on the Honda Pioneer, but retractable harnesses as well. With harnesses that are mounted with the perfect orientation, are retractable, and extend to lock with the OEM seat belt buckles, you’ll have greater mobility behind the wheel without having to sacrifice safety. While substandard harnesses need retaining straps to keep them from sliding down off your shoulders, retractable Honda Pioneer harnesses hold tight and keep you locked into place.

Let’s not forget Honda Pioneer safety and seat belt accessories. If you choose to upgrade to a harness or some other aftermarket seat belt, you will need a way to shut off that annoying seat belt warning alarm that goes off if your stock seat belt isn’t fastened. Additionally, the Honda Pioneer is designed to limit speed if you use any kind of seat belt or harness besides stock. Our Honda Pioneer Seat Belt Override Tool by SuperATV is the perfect solution. This handy tool easily installs in minutes, allowing you to reach top speeds and shut off any seat belt warning signal in your Honda Pioneer. We also offer any replacements for your Honda Pioneer seat belts, harnesses, and safety accessories you may need.

It’s about time you give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your passengers are safe and protected. If you’re tired of worrying about the safety of you and your passengers, browse our wide selection of Honda Pioneer safety tools and accessories.

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