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When you’re in need of Honda Pioneer bucket seats, Honda Pioneer rear seats, or Honda Pioneer folding seats, call on Everything Honda Offroad to get any size, style, or type of Honda Pioneer seat or roll cage. Plus, with seat accessories like Honda Pioneer seat covers, Honda Pioneer seat bases, and Honda Pioneer flip-up seat brackets, Everything Honda Offroad can hook you up with both aftermarket Honda Pioneer seats as well as auxiliary Honda Pioneer seat accessories!

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One thing the Honda Pioneer is well known for is its storage space. This is great if you use your Honda Pioneer for work-related purposes, but when you’re looking to take family or friends out on a joyride, it can mean less room for your passengers. Luckily, many Honda Pioneer owners have experienced this same issue and solutions have been created. There are many good quality aftermarket Honda Pioneer seats that can be easily installed with a little work. There’s really no reason to leave anyone out of your Honda Pioneer’s off-road adventures. If you don’t mind modifying your Honda Pioneer a little bit, you can more than double your UTV’s seating capacity with some stylish and comfortable custom seats.  

Most riders enjoy the roominess that comes with the stock Honda Pioneer bench seats. But for long, bumpy, and rocky rides, the Honda Pioneer’s bench seats aren’t the most comfortable on the back or bum. If you come home sore after a long ride in your Honda Pioneer, this is probably why. Furthermore, mechanical heat from your engine also makes stock Honda Pioneer seats rather hot. Not only does the heat end up making your Honda Pioneer’s seats hot, it also ends up radiating throughout your cab, leading to a sweaty and sticky ride. While there are DIY solutions you can implement to block Honda Pioneer seat heat such as bubble wrap, R8 duct insulation, or something as simple as a beach towel or pool noodle, the vibration of the Honda Pioneer will likely wear through eventually, forcing you to repair or replace whatever solution you came up with on an annual basis. A better and more permanent solution is to just get a Honda Pioneer seat replacement or seat cover. Custom aftermarket seats for the Honda Pioneer are much better at containing radiant heat than stock seats.

If the cargo you carry with your Honda Pioneer tends to be people most of the time, then adding extra seats is never a bad idea. Things like adjustable bucket seats can be added in the front of the vehicle for the driver and front passenger, while Honda Pioneer rumble seats can be installed in the back for whoever else wants a ride. You can even get Honda Pioneer bed seats that work on machines with bed dumping functionality. Be it a UTV rumble seat or a Honda Pioneer back seat, if you’re experiencing seating problems in your side-by-side, look no further than Everything Honda Offroad.

If you are going all out for some nice seat upgrade for your Honda Pioneer, you definitely need to keep them looking and feeling like new for as long as possible. This is where Honda Pioneer seat covers come in. Seat covers add a layer of protection to your Honda Pioneer’s seats to shield them from the off-road elements and general wear and tear. Whether they are fancy new custom seats or you’ve decided to stick to your Honda Pioneer’s stock seats, seat covers add years of extra life to your seats.

If your Honda Pioneer rear seat has become unglued from its base or if you need a little more support in the driver’s seat, we’ve got the solution for you. Everything from Honda Pioneer seat covers to gel seats like the ones that come stock on the Can-Am Defender XMR HD10 can be found right here at Everything Honda Offroad. We’ve got fixed as well as adjustable Honda Pioneer custom seats, seats that work with harness bars and 4-point harnesses, and seats with built-in shields that cover the hole above the sub-transmission to keep your tush from roasting. Despite having that eyesore of a stamp on them, many riders opt for RZR 900 seats to use in their Honda Pioneer. There are a couple of different ways to mount them — with and without the seat base — but none of the ways are extremely difficult. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for added comfort in your Honda Pioneer seat, if you want more room and don’t like being cramped, or if you want to extend the life of your OEM seats with some Honda Pioneer seat covers, we’ve got the seats and seat-related accessories you need at Everything Honda Offroad.

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