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When lives are on the line and the potential for a rollover is high, you can be sure that the aftermarket Honda Pioneer roll cages from Everything Honda Offroad will not let you down. Our Honda Pioneer roll cages, roll cage bungs, and rollover protection structures are super strong, extra sturdy, and reliable as can be, the perfect accessory to help you increase the safety factor of your Honda Pioneer!!

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There are many reasons why one might choose to upgrade, bolster, or fortify their Honda Pioneer roll cage, and there are many aftermarket roll cage accessories for the Honda Pioneer as well. But regardless of whether you’re after a Honda Pioneer roll cage kit, some Honda Pioneer roll cage storage accessories, or advice regarding Honda Pioneer roll cage removal, we’ve got you covered on all fronts here at Everything Honda Offroad! It’s one thing to know the Honda Pioneer roll cage size, but quite another to know the process of conducting a Honda Pioneer roll cage chop. But at Everything Honda Offroad, we’ll assist you with it all. Whether it’s for a more streamlined look, extra protection, or added functionality, get all your needs met beyond your wildest dreams with the Honda Pioneer 1000 roll cages, the Honda Pioneer 700 roll cages, and the Honda Pioneer 500 roll cages from Everything Honda Offroad!

Custom roll cages for the Honda Pioneer as well as aftermarket roll cages for the Honda Pioneer are stronger and more impact resistant than the factory Honda Pioneer roll cage. But if you alter the shape and size of your rig’s rollover protection structure too dramatically, you’ll affect your ability to accessorize it in other ways. Aftermarket roofs, for example, might not fit on a machine equipped with a custom roll cage, and the same goes for windshields, doors, and other parts that clamp onto the horizontal roll bars and vertical support pillars like mirrors, spare tire racks, and fuel pack mounts. Similarly, when you modify your vehicle's roll cage, you change its size. Honda Pioneer roll cage chops, for example, will make the cage shorter, and therefore reduce headroom. This might be necessary for those with jacked up rigs that no longer fit inside enclosed trailers or underneath garage doors, but cage chops can be annoying and painful for those who are tall in stature or those who wear helmets when riding. So before you go and make changes to your ROPS, it pays to know a bit about the Honda Pioneer roll cage dimensions: which includes both the Honda Pioneer roll cage size as well as the Honda Pioneer roll cage diameter!

Aside from Honda Pioneer roll cage chops and complete Honda Pioneer roll cage removals, many riders like to take their existing cage up a notch with some aftermarket Honda Pioneer roll cage accessories. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we offer roll cage bungs, roll cage connecters, and roll cage tube adaptors so that you can extend your roll cage over the bed. This is popular among riders with in-bed seats who want to grant their rear passengers the same protection they themselves are afforded by the roll cage. Honda Pioneer roll cage brackets are also available at Everything Honda Offroad, as are Honda PIoneer roll cage clamps, Honda Pioneer roll cage mounts, and other tools designed to attach parts, gear, and accessories to the roll bars. You can add roof racks and headache racks to your rig with our Honda Pioneer cage mounts, or you can use the roll bar c-clamps we sell to mount sound bars, gun holders, and a host of other aftermarket accessories to the cage of your side-by-side!

If you’ve rolled your rig, laid it down on its side, or damaged the cage some other way, the ROPS is compromised and no longer safe. Replacing it with a new stock-style Honda Pioneer roll cage or custom Honda Pioneer roll cage is advised – and once you cut into the factory cage tubing, you’ll realize how light-duty it is. For this reason, even if you’re rocking a mint-condition factory roll cage, you might still wish to reinforce it with some Honda Pioneer roll cage supports. Whether you’re wanting the 1000-5 rear roll cage for your 1000-3 minus the seats so you can have more roof coverage and additional mounting points for spare tires, tools, and other items that you don’t want up front, or basic roll cage buttresses to give you more peace of mind when rock crawling at extreme angles, look no further than Everything Honda Offroad to have all your cage-related needs met to the highest degree!

From Honda Pioneer 1000-5 aftermarket roll cages to Honda Pioneer 700-4 roll cages, by shopping for the roll cages and roll cage accessories you need at Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll never be let down. We have back roll cages, front roll cage section, and myriad other Honda Pioneer roll cage accessories. So stay safe and enjoy your rides to the fullest with the Honda Pioneer roll cages and roll cage accessories from Everything Honda Offroad!

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