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In some cases, Honda Pioneer shock adjustments can be made for a better, smoother, and plusher ride. And although Honda Pioneer shock covers and shock spacers can be added to your rig’s suspension setup, there are instances when heavy duty Honda Pioneer springs or aftermarket Honda Pioneer shock upgrades like Elka shocks, 814 shocks, or Fox shocks are required.

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If you want to improve your Honda Pioneer’s handling, ride quality, and overall versatility, then you would benefit from a Honda Pioneer shock and spring upgrade. Depending on how you use your UTV, upgrading the suspension will undoubtedly improve your machine in several ways. The benefits of replacing your Honda Pioneer shocks cannot be overstated. Shocks and springs for UTVs are like legs for athletes. More developed and conditioned legs will help an athlete perform better by allowing him or her to shift direction more rapidly, power over obstacles more easily, and cushion other joints more effectively during hard landings. Your Honda Pioneer shocks and springs are meant to perform those exact same tasks.

A quality aftermarket set of Honda Pioneer shocks and springs help your UTV in three different ways. First, it will significantly improve the responsiveness of your machine when changing directions. Second, an improved suspension will be able to crawl over challenging terrain more efficiently than the stock components. Lastly, an aftermarket setup will drastically improve the ride quality of your machine, leading to a much smoother ride that is easier on your body and encourages you to drive it all day. Whether you use your Pioneer for hauling heavy loads on the farm, exploring gnarly trail systems, or navigating tight switchbacks in the deer woods, a quality set of aftermarket shocks and springs will do wonders for your UTV’s performance. Everything Honda Offroad is here to provide all the parts and insight you need for your Honda Pioneer shock replacement project.

Truthfully, few owners will want to invest in a complete suspension upgrade. Most people will prefer to stick with the stock setup and simply replace the small parts that wear out over time. This is perfectly reasonable as the Honda Pioneer’s stock suspension is considerably better than many of its competitors. However, you might already have an upgraded suspension and need to perform a maintenance job before your next outing. One of the most common maintenance procedures is replacing the seals. Thankfully, ZBroz Racing has you covered with a seal kit for all types of Fox and Walker Evans Racing Honda Pioneer shocks. These plug-and-play seal kits make suspension maintenance a breeze with a little time and mechanical know-how.

On the flip side, there is a select group of people that recognizes stock Honda Pioneers as ideal starting platforms for their custom dream machines. For those owners, a complete Honda Pioneer shock upgrade is simply one of the many procedures that need to be completed to obtain peak performance. In particular, adjustable shocks are an important feature that allows owners to easily dial in their machine for use in all types of terrain. There are several great manufacturers to consider such as Elka, Walker Evans Racing, and Fox. In particular, the shock kits from Fox are exceptional due to their hard-chromed components, high-flow velocity-sensitive damping, trail tune adjustability, and ultra-durable bumper. They’re also fully rebuildable and fully revalveable. Best of all, they don’t require any other modifications to your UTV, making for a much simpler installation process.

When performing a complete suspension upgrade, it is important to keep in mind the complexity of this process. The average garage mechanic often won’t have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to work on these particular components. Replacing the stock Honda Pioneer shocks and springs with aftermarket parts can be a tedious, time-consuming endeavor, so it’s important you consider your abilities and tool selection before committing to this process. Your time, energy, and money might be best spent on a skilled powersports mechanic to handle this particular project.

Many Pioneer owners complain about their stiff suspension but don’t know how to appropriately address the problem. Taking the sway bars and switching to a different set of tires can help slightly, but nothing compares to an aftermarket setup. The initial investment of a Honda Pioneer shock replacement isn’t cheap, but the long-term benefits in improved responsiveness, handling, and ride quality are immediately evident. With that said, you’ve come to the right place for your suspension parts and accessories. Everything Honda Offroad is pleased to offer everything you need to take your Honda Pioneer shocks and springs to the next level in performance.

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