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Be it a Honda Pioneer 700 storage cover, a Honda Pioneer 500 storage cover, or a Honda Pioneer 1000 storage cover, Everything Honda Offroad is here with properly-fitting storage covers for all 2-door and 4-door editions of the Honda Pioneer. We offer all-season Honda Pioneer storage covers for rain, snow, dust, and wind, as well as storage covers to prevent rodents, insects, and other critters from turning your Honda UTV into their own personal bungalow.

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Properly-fitting covers for all makes, models, editions, and years of the Honda Pioneer, including trailering covers, padded covers, and storage covers to protect any Honda Pioneer from the elements.

Be it a Honda Pioneer storage cover for those without garages or a Honda Pioneer trailering cover to protect your machine at high speeds on the interstate; we’ve got general UTV covers as well as covers tailored to specific machines in the Honda Pioneer lineup. We’ve got covers for the Honda Pioneer 1000 as well as covers for the Pioneer 700. Whether you need a cover for your four-seater Pioneer or something to cover your Pioneer 500 with a bed extender, our covers are made with strong materials and utilize straps and fasteners that can withstand gale-force winds, assaults from sand particles, as well as ice accumulation and water onslaughts. After all, for what glass windshields and hard doors cost, something like a padded cover for a few hundred bucks is well worth the investment. In an ideal world, every Honda Pioneer owner would have an enclosed trailer — not only for protection when in tow but also to store the machine when not in use. However, for most people, paying up for the Honda Pioneer itself was challenging enough, let alone an expensive trailer.

Honda Pioneer storage and trailering covers are definitely cheaper than outbuildings and enclosed trailers, but just because their prices are cheap doesn’t mean their quality is cheap. We’ve seen Honda Pioneer riders use the same side-by-side cover year in and year out, with only minimal fading. The same can’t be said, however, about tarps and other non-Honda Pioneer covers. Furthermore, poor-fitting covers can actually exacerbate things like moisture, trapping condensed water droplets underneath, and preventing them from evaporating. A garage shed or workshop is the ideal place to store a Honda Pioneer. But even indoors, covers are still useful for keeping dust out of the cab and preventing critters from turning your Pioneer into their new luxury apartment. Whatever size or edition of the Honda Pioneer you own, we’re sure to have a cover that will fit!

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