Tire & Wheel Kits (Pre-Mounted)

Why buy your Honda Pioneer tires and rims separately when you can get a complete Honda Pioneer tire and wheel kit from Everything Honda Offroad? No matter if you’re after a Honda Pioneer 500 wheel and tire kit, a Honda Pioneer 1000 wheel and tire set, or a Honda Pioneer 700 wheel and tire package, rid yourself of the need for a tire press when you get pre-mounted Honda Pioneer tires and wheels from Everything Honda Offroad!

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Finding the right tires and wheels for your Honda Pioneer is the key to maximizing its off-road performance. Tires and wheels are where your Honda Pioneer connects with the earth. With so many options to choose from though, it can be hard to know which tires and wheels are right for your Honda Pioneer. When it comes to Honda Pioneer tires and wheels, there is really no one size fits all. Everyone has different riding objectives and uses for their Honda Pioneer as well as different terrains they typically ride on. Because of this, trying to individually shop for Honda Pioneer tires and wheels is confusing and time consuming. That’s why at Everything Honda Offroad, we recommend Honda Pioneer owners opt for simply ordering a tire and wheel kit. A Honda Pioneer tire and wheel kits saves you time and money by offering everything you need for new tires and wheels in one easy order.

To find the best tire and wheel kits for the Honda Pioneer that come pre-mounted and ready to rock, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to shop. Whether you’ve got the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe, the Honda Pioneer 700, the Honda Pioneer 500, or any other model of the Honda Pioneer, we have a pre-mounted tire and wheel kit to improve traction, boost performance, and give your side-by-side a meaner, cleaner, and more stylish look. Depending on which Honda Pioneer edition you own as well as the other aftermarket modifications you’ve made to your machine, larger tires and wheel kits might rub and cause issues. But with a 3-inch lift, some wheel spacers, or high-clearance a-arms, you will have enough room to fit 28” Maxxis Carnivores, 30” Tusk Terrabites, or other popular tire and wheel brands without rubbing on bumps, dips, or sharp turns.

Everyone has different terrains they predominantly take their Honda Pioneer out on. Some Honda Pioneer owners find themselves charging up and down sand dunes and tearing up sandy terrain. For these riders, we can’t recommend getting a Honda Pioneer sand tire and wheel kit enough. If you want a set of sand tires and wheels for the Honda Pioneer, Everything Honda Offroad can help with that. Pro Armor makes sand tire and wheel kits that are a very popular option. And if you want something that will last as long as possible on the ranch, farm, or work site, you’ll want strong, tough tires and wheels that are built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty use. We’ve got plenty of resilient tires made with hard compounds as well as load range C tires and load range D tires for the Honda Pioneer for those that haul heavy loads and like to ride with high tire pressures.

If you want a tire and wheel kit for your Honda Pioneer with rounded edges, we’ve got what you’re looking for at Everything Honda Offroad. Or if you want something more aggressive that pulls well in the mud, we have tire and wheel kits for the Honda Pioneer that are designed specifically for silty, loamy, and clay-rich soils. Mud tire and wheel kits for the Honda Pioneer are a complete game changer. Once you try out mud tires and wheels on your Honda Pioneer, you will instantly notice a huge difference in traction and handling and off-road mudding will never be the same.

Do your Honda Pioneer’s stock tires and wheels don’t quite feel like they used to? Have you noticed a decrease in traction and handling when out riding? It’s probably high time you replace them with a good Honda Pioneer tire and wheel kit from one of our many highly rated aftermarket brands. Once you make the upgrade to aftermarket tires and wheels, you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner. The best part? Our Honda Pioneer tire and wheel kits include all the hardware and components you need for an easy installation in just a few short hours. Be it a set of 8 ply tires on aluminum rims for your Honda Pioneer 500, or some 10 ply tires on factory style rims for your 4 seater Honda 700, you’ll find everything you’re searching for and more here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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